Sunderland are broken club – but David Moyes IS the right man to fix it

Martin Bain (middle) and David Moyes
Martin Bain (middle) and David Moyes
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Things need to change at SAFC, and David Moyes IS the man for the job.

I know most people might think I’m a bit daft, or even clueless when I say this, but even after the hideous start he’s had to his Sunderland career, I still believe Moyes is the man to fix this broken club.

Yes the Arsenal defeat last weekend was disappointing, but let’s be realistic. No one in that stadium really thought we would get a result against a side that possesses so much quality from front to back. Arsenal are going to win the league this season in my opinion, so let’s just forget about it and be truly thankful that we have all been within 50 yards of Mesut Özil and Alexis Sanchez’ filthy feet.

Although Moyes hasn’t filled any of us with a massive amount of confidence in his ability both on and off the pitch so far, I’m still refusing to give in to pressure from the masses and jump on the ‘Moyes out’ bandwagon.

This is a man who has won manager of the year three times in the Premier League, and has the fourth highest number of wins EVER in Premier League history. He knows what he’s doing, and anyone who doubts his ability as a manager needs to think long and hard as I have done.

I think It’s safe to say that after listening to Martin Bain’s interview last week, the last thing that is going to happen is for Moyes to be sacked. He’s here for the long term and I think everyone needs to understand that. The club needs to change the way it’s being operated, because it just simply isn’t sustainable. It’s a mess.

This is a long term project.

Any manager who comes into a job at the end of pre season is inevitably going to have a struggle on their hands with regards to squad preparation and recruitment.

Yes, most of the players who were brought in during the summer look to be massively suspect, but after I learnt this week that an £18 million pound deal was in place to bring Troy Deeney to the club, its evident that the correct intentions were there from the manager.

He was working with his hands tied behind his back.

This season is undoubtedly going to feel like the longest campaign of our lives. The playing squad just simply aren’t good enough.

Years of poor recruitment has got us to where we are today, and it’s suddenly hit us like a ton of bricks.

Missing key senior players for the most part of the season like Fabio Borini, Jan Kirchhoff, Lee Cattermole, and Seb Larsson has been critical to the side, and It could be said that with their arrival back into the first team picture being imminent, things could slowly start to look a bit brighter for us. Experience and competition for places can surely only yield a positive reaction.

Looking forward, our next nine fixtures in the lead up to the new year include games against the likes of Bournemouth, Hull, Swansea, Watford, and Burnley. These games have got to be targeted as win at all cost games.

Although it’s seems unlikely to happen, two wins in the next two games gets us up to eight points and back in the mix. Don’t press the panic button. Moyes is here to stay, and he can only play the hand he has been dealt.

Things need to change at Sunderland football club, and if that means going down then we’re all going to have to live with it. This is all happening due to a long run of rank management and leadership from the top, and it looks to have finally caught up with us.

It’s sometimes a bit too easy to blame the manager, and In my opinion, we need to see that this is a deep-rooted problem that has been brewing for several years.

It’s time to sort it out, and David Moyes is the man to do it.