Sunderland's remarkable red card record explored in full after yet another FA U-turn

Alim Ozturk has been cleared to face Portsmouth on Thursday night
Alim Ozturk has been cleared to face Portsmouth on Thursday night
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Sunderland have had a red card successfully overturned for the third time this season.

Alim Ozturk was shown red against Portsmouth for allegedly denying Gareth Evans an obvious goalscoring opportunity.

It was the EIGHTH time the Black Cats have had a player sent off in what has been an extraordinary campaign, Southend United next on the list of most reds with just four.

The decisions have often been contentious, as this full record shows...

Max Power v Oxford (September 1st 2018)

Sunderland started the game slowly and shortly after conceding were overrun on the break again.

Max Power brought down Marcus Browne as was shown a straight red.

Jack Ross disagreed with the decision, but accepted that Power had given the referee a choice to make.

"At the time I thought it may have been a red on my first viewing," Ross said.

"I had the benefit of watching it again, having watched it again I don't think it is [a red].

"Max does go at first to be really cynical but then Max pulls his leg back, I think it is still a caution but not a red card.

"I think he gives the referee a decision in that sense. I don't agree with it, but he gave him a decision."

The appela was unsuccessful, which Ross accepted, but he went on to blast the governing bodies for a bizarre rule that meant Power had to sit out a Checkatrade Trophy game, essentially making it a four-game suspension.

Score at time of card: 1-0 Oxford

Final Result: 1-1

Appeal: Unsuccessful

Bryan Oviedo v Peterborough (October 2nd 2018)

Sunderland had no dispute with this one after Bryan Oviedo kicked out at Peterborough winger Marcus Maddison.

"I don’t have any issue with it. I didn’t at the time, and I’ve watched it again just for confirmation," Ross said.

“I don’t think the kick-out and the contact was reflected in the player’s reaction, but I don’t have an issue with that as an opposition player - that’s what you do, and my players would do the same.

“It’s out of character [for Bryan] and he knows that. He’s disappointed in the changing room but we don’t really deal with that now, that’s for further down the line."

Ross later revealed that Oviedo had apologised for his actions.

The pair reprised their rivalry in the return fixture. Oviedo was booked early on and fans held their breath when he was pulled up for a foul in the second half. After discusssions with his linesman, the referee eventually booked Maddison for diving.

Score at time of card: 1-0 Sunderland

Final Result: 2-2

Appeal: Not submitted

Max Power v Bradford (October 6th 2018)

Another red Sunderland did not appeal after Power kicked out off the ball.

He did not make contact. but the intent was clear.

“It was a kick-out by Max,” said Ross.

"He makes no contact and, in fairness to Ryan McGowan, they don’t go down so I can’t apportion any blame to their player, and Max is probably two or three yards away from making contact but it is still a kick out and the referee was looking straight at it.

“So it’s difficult for me to argue comprehensively that it shouldn’t be a red card because it was a kick out.

“The consequences of the kick out were minimal - nothing - but we spoke about giving referees decisions to make and Max did that."

Score at time of card: 2-1 Sunderland

Final Score: 2-1 Sunderland

Appeal: Not submitted

Max Power v Walsall (November 24th 2018)

Sunderland had played some of their best football of the season in the opening 20 minutes at the Bescot Stadium but were rocked by Power's third red card, shown after a 50-50 challenge in the middle of the pitch.

Ross blasted the decision after the game.

"It is not a sending off," said Ross.

"This season I try and be fairly measured with all my comments, even with officials, at times we have had some decisions go against us.

"If you take Max in isolation, I think your gut tells you at the time - having been experienced in playing and coaching - and against Oxford I could see why it was given, Bradford is an easier one. Today, my gut reaction at the time is that it isn't even a yellow card."

The red was overturned but Power admitted there was an impact on his form, the midfielder having to rebuild his confidence and get through the next few games unscathed.

Score at time of card: 0-0

Final score: 2-2

Appeal: Successful

Glenn Loovens v Portsmouth (December 22nd 2018)

Sunderland were caught out at the start of the half and Loovens was shown red for a foul on Oli Hawkins.

Ross felt the decision was harsh but ultimately decided against an appeal as the Dutch defender suffered a knee injury in making the challenge.

"I get the benefit of watching incidents again, the red card I would argue isn’t a red, under the new guidelines, there is no genuine attempt to win the ball but there was no attempt to bring him down, it is a coming together.

"It is a penalty kick."

Ross later said that a dicussion with the officials had given him a better understanding of their decision, but remained unconvinced it was definitely a red under the new double jeopardy rules.

Score at time of card: 0-0

Final score: 3-1 Portsmouth

Appeal: Not submitted

Chris Maguire v Luton (January 12th 2019)

A tense game ended in acrimony after Danny Hylton saw red for Luton.

Chris Maguire suffered the same fate for an alleged stamp on midfielder Allan McCormack in stoppage time, to the bemusement of player and manager.

"Chris Maguire - the fourth official tells me that he was sent off for a stamp, which he didn’t do." Ross said.

“I’ve not a discussion with the club but having watched it, I would expect to [appeal it].

“What I’ve seen and what the fourth official has told me, it doesn’t marry up.

“When you watch it you will see where I am coming from."

Both managers also agreed that Hylton was unfortunate to be sent off, though Luton decided against an appeal as video footage was inconclusive.

Score at time of card: 1-1

Final score: 1-1

Appeal: Successful

George Honeyman v Wycombe (March 9th 2019)

Honeyman saw red in a remarkable game that saw over ten minutes of stoppage time and three separate dismissals.

Honeyman and Wycombe striker Nathan Tyson were sent off for their part in a dugout melee after a Sunderland staff member tried to retrieve a ball that had been kicked out of play.

A Wycombe staff member kicked it away and sparked the scenes that saw the already substituted Honeyman sent off.

Sunderland appealed, citing the fact that Honeyman was concussed at the time as mitigation, but it was rejected.

There was relief nevertheless that the strange ruling applied to Power earlier in the season was dumped, meaning Honeyman could lead his team out in the Wembley final a few weeks later.

Score at time of card: 1-0 Wycombe

Final score: 1-1

Appeal: Unsuccessful

Alim Ozturk v Portsmouth (May 11th 2019)

Ozturk was sent off for denying an obvious goalscoring opportunity.

Portsmouth boss Kenny Jackett and midfielder Gareth Evans, who had been fouled by the defender, insisted it was a red.

Sunderland felt otherwise, believing that Evans was going away from goal at the time of the tackle.

Their appeal was successful, allowing the improving Turk to take his place in the side on Thursday night.

Score at time of card: 1-0 Sunderland

Final score: 1-0 Sunderland

Appeal: Successful