Jack Ross on Sunderland's penalty options and why he'll let it be settled on the pitch

Aiden McGeady scored from the spot last weekend
Aiden McGeady scored from the spot last weekend
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Jack Ross says there is no designated penalty taker in his Sunderland squad.

Aiden McGeady raised eyebrows last Saturday when he stepped up after Luke O'Nien was fouled in the box.

Lynden Gooch scored from the spot against Rochdale earlier in the season and was eager to take on the duties.

Ross, however, says that he was happy for McGeady to take charge.

The Black Cats boss will intervene if Sunderland start spurning opportunities but otherwise will let it be settled on the pitch.

"Everyone has their own approach, we're very thorough in our preparation to set pieces, James and John take on that responsibility," he said.

"But with penalties, I've never allocated a taker and James will back me up on that.

"On the basis that should the person allocated be having a really poor game, they may have missed an open goal minutes before, you just don't know what frame of mind they're going to be in.

"My own personal opinion is that's what works best.

"On Saturday I genuinely didn't know Lynden wasn't taking it until right at the last minute, it was quite far away from me.

"He was a bit grumpy but Aiden scored so that helps," Ross added.

"Next time we get one and they're both on the park, it'll be a race to see who gets to the ball first!

"As a manager, there's a good side to it in that you've got strong characters who have faith in their ability and so want to take a penalty.

"It's different if someone has missed three or four in a row, then you have to intervene but I'm happy that they've both take one this season and scored."