Sunderland ace Rodwell lifts the lid on 'frightening' plane scare as Moyes reign gets off to bumpy start

Jack Rodwell in action for Sunderland
Jack Rodwell in action for Sunderland
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Jack Rodwell hopes it is plain sailing from here on in under new Sunderland manager David Moyes - after a turbulent start for the new boss.

The plane flying the Sunderland squad to Geneva at the weekend had to divert to Manchester after an engine malfunction in the air.

Rodwell described the plane scare as "frightening" - with members of the Black Cats squad fearing the worst.

After an emergency landing, a calming of the nerves and a replacement plane secured, the squad finally arrived at their Evian-les-Bains base in France.

Reliving the plane scare, Rodwell told the Daily Mail and Sun: "It sounded like a chainsaw trying to start. We were like, "What the hell was that?".

"It sounded a bit like bags had actually dropped out of the plane.

"It was worrying me that they didn’t really keep us informed. I was thinking, “Are they even on top of this here?”.

"It took us 15 minutes to get down and you’re thinking, “What if the other engine goes?”. You’re gone then aren’t you?"

"When we landed they said it was actually worse than what they made out. They had shut the engine down completely," added Rodwell.

"I have never experienced anything like that. Honestly, it was frightening. I didn’t want to fly again. Half of us were so scared that we didn’t want to get back on a plane.

"When they brought us down we got on a bus and we were told they were going to try to fix the plane. We were like, “No chance! No matter what you do to it, we’ re not getting on that”.

"I wanted to get here, but I didn’t want to fly. I would have taken a coach ride back to Sunderland at that point!

"But you know deep down that it isn’t going to happen again. They told us it was a one in 3.5 million chance of that sort of thing happening.

"We got here fine in the end on a replacement flight, and it’s a beautiful place, so that’s a consolation."

It was a bumpy start to Moyes' reign as Sunderland boss.

Rodwell, who played more than 100 games under Moyes at Everton, is relishing the opportunity to work under him again.

"David will succeed here because of his dedication and work ethic, no manager works harder," added Rodwell.

"All the lads were asking me what he was like, and I told them he’ s excellent.

"I think he was unlucky at Man United. They wanted success now, whereas I think if he had another year, you would have seen the best of him. I thought it (his sacking) was premature.

"But that experience can benefit us now. And for me, he knows my game more than anyone.

"It’s just a case of being physically right and then mentally I know I can produce my best stuff.

"But it’s not if, it’s when. I feel the best I have done in four or five years."

Rodwell admitted the squad were sad to see Sam Allardyce depart for England but he was delighted the club moved so quickly to secure his former manager.

"The club needs stability and I think he will bring that, definitely."