Sunderland 2 Millwall 0

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DENNIS Tueart moved to the top of Sunderland’s scoring list with a well-taken goal against Millwall at Roker Park this afternoon to reward a lot of determined attacking effort against a tough and capable Millwall defence.

It was a quiet opening for centre forward John Hughes, who was making is League debut, but brother Billy was a lively performer in an attack which carried its promise into the second half.

John Hughes took over the centre forward position from brother Billy, who switched to No. 7 with Bobby Kerr moving inside.

There were about 20,000 present when Burnett won the toss for Millwall and Sunderland started the game attacking the Fulwell End.

In the first few seconds there was a lecture of Burnett. From the kick-off Billy Hughes sent the ball out to Tueart and when Hughes tried to go through middle, but was brought down by Burnett. Kerr took the kick and Billy Hughes just failed to make contact with his head.

Watson moved through the middle in an effort to bring the Sunderland attacking action but Cripps intercepted.

Then Malone halted a Dumphy challenge by pushing the ball out of play, and from the throw-in Allder hit an accurate centre which was neatly headed goalwards by Steve Brown, and Montgomery had to move smartly to gather the ball just short of the line.

Seconds later Sunderland were on the attack again and Kerr took advantage of a favourable break to hit a 16-yard drive which had King diving along his line to save at the foot of a post.

Horswill had to five away a corner when Brian Brown sent in a shot and in the goalfront battle which followed Steve Brown’s kick there was surprising relief for Sunderland when Kitchener hammered the ball out of play in his desperation to win in a tackle.

Tueart had Millwall in difficulties after receiving a Porterfield throw. His drive into the middle was covered but Billy Hughes, moving in front of Dorney, reached the ball first to touch it narrowly wide.

There was action on Sunderland’s right when Malone sent the ball back to Horswill and went down the wing for the return. He beat Dumphy and Cripps on the run, but when he sent the ball into the middle it was within easy reach of King. Billy Hughes was only inches away with a fine header after Tueart had sent Kerr clear on the right.

Billy Hughes gathered a long centre by Guthrie under the bar, then a free-kick against John Hughes had Watson heading behind for a corner.

A great tackle by Watson and a long ball down the wing had Sunderland moving again, and with Cripps moving in behind Tueart reached the ball first, he neatly back-heeled the ball through for Billy Hughes.

After a quick break, Billy Hughes hammered the ball into the middle, where it struck a defender and was pulled down at the far post by King.

Porterfield forced a corner on the left and took the kick himself. Although Watson won in the air his header lifted high over the bar.

The pace of a through-ball by Malone was just too much for Tueart, who went though the motions of a clean break but was unable to stay with the ball.

Dumphy was back to intercept when Kerr tried to reach Billy Hughes on the right, and then there was trouble for Sunderland when a throw-in by Horswill eluded Young and Bolland was left with a clear run through the middle.

He had reached the edge of the penalty area before Malone made the important tackle. Shortly afterwards Horswill had to give away a corner when Bolland threatened again.John Hughes sent Porterfield away on the left and from Porterfield’s centre a challenge on King by Billy Hughes had the ball going lose to the left of goal, and Tueart stepped in to drive the ball into the side netting.

Guthrie was up to shoot wide after a Porterfield shot had been blocked.

A good run on the right by Malone earned him a free-kick against Dunphy and after this had been cleared from the goal front Kerr chipped it back for Tueart to get in a header which bounced on the bar before going behind.

A determined effort by Allder and Cripps had Millwall looking dangerous on the left, and when the ball was crossed to the other flank, Montgomery had to rush to the edge of the penalty area and drive and ball out of play with Steve Brown challenging.

A Burnett foul on Porterfield on the right wing had Sunderland on the attack again but from Malone’s kick John Hughes headed behind.

Sunderland were off to a great start when Malone overlapped on the right to rive the ball into the middle, where Tueart just failed to get in a shot.

They were sent into another attack by hardworking Horswill before they built up again to take the lead in the 49th minute. Billy Hughes shaped well after accepting a through ball, but when he was challenged Tueart stepped in to beat King with a left foot drive.

Tueart was injured by a Burnett tackle, but he was not allowed to receive attention until Allder had been pulled up for a foul on Porterfield. Porterfield took the kick himself, chipping the ball into open space, where Kitchener beat Kerr to head away.

Sunderland had the luckiest of escapes when, following a throw-in near the corner flag on the left, the ball was driven into the middle and Wood, on the six-yard line, challenged as he met the ball, lift his shot over the bar.

Millwall had everyone back when Kerr was tripped by Wood six yards outside the Millwall penalty area. The kick was sent wide to Malone, whose tremendous shot came back into play from the far post, but he linesman’s flag was already up for offside against the full back.

Montgomery did well to hold an inswinging corner by Allder and from the clearance Kerr moved strongly on the left to place an accurate centre, which Tueart headed straight at King.

Ron Guthrie who made his debut at Swindon last week, was lining up for his first senior appearance in front of the Roker crowd.

A grant ball from midfield reached Burnett in the clear on the left and he moved to the edge of the penalty to beat Montgomery with a fierce shot. It looked a good goal, but to Sunderland’s surprise and relief the referee spotted that Dunphy had moved into an off-side position at the other side of goal and despite Millwall protests he disallowed the goal.

A bad bounce of the ball prevented Tueart from turning a Billy Hughes pass to good account, and then with John Hughes chasing the ball through the middle, Kitchener was happy to drive it behind for a corner.

Bolland shot narrowly wide from 20 yards after Millwall had pressed home a determined attack from midfield.

Sunderland were near to another goal when John Hughes turned the ball square to Horswill in midfield. Horswill then went on from a return pass to drive the ball into the middle, where Tueart sent a first-time shot narrowly wide.

Seconds later Sunderland were duly rewarded when Guthrie brought the ball out of defence comfortably to move it through to Tueart. A neatly judged pass sent Kerr clear on the right and the Sunderland captain made no mistake, beating King with an angle drive to put Sunderland two up in the 80th minutes.

A good break by Steve Brown carried him past Guthrie to the line and when he hammered the ball into the middle, Montgomery did well to force it away for a corner.

From Allder’s kick Guthrie saved a certain goal by clearing off the line from Wood. This produced another corner, and Horswill cleared from the line from Cripps to make it a hectic few moments for the Sunderland defence.

Sunderland: 1 Montgomery, 2 Malone, 3 Guthrie, 4 Horswill, 5 Watson, 6 Young, 7 Hughes (W), 8 Kerr, 9 Hughes (J), Porterfield, 11 Tueart. Sub: Pitt.

Millwall: 1 King, 2 Brown (B), 3 Cripps, 4 Dorney, 5 Kitchener, 6 Burnett, 7 Brown (S), 8 Bolland, 9 Wood, 10 Dunphy, 11 Allder. Sub: Saul.

Referee: Mr C T Fallon of Blackpool.

Attendance, 22,781.

How the Goals Came

Tueart 49 min.

Kerr 80 min.


Sunderland had to work hard for this win, but they gave the biggest League crowd of the season plenty to shout about.

It was a quiet debut for John Hughes, but Billy Hughes, Tueart and Kerr exerted a lot of pressure on the Millwall defence and Sunderland could well have finished with a few more goals. Watson was in tremendous form in defence and so, too, was Young, whose covering work in the middle was of tremendous value.

Porterfield produced a lot of good football in midfield but the star perform here was Horswill, who both won the ball and used it well.

Story taken from the Football Echo on January 27 1973.