SUNDERLAND 10 YEARS AGO: Pride returns to Sunderland

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Here’s what the Echo was reporting on SAFC 10 years ago today.

September 13

THE PRIDE IS BACK: The victory of Roy Keane’s men over Derby County at the weekend was fantastic for every Sunderland supporter, especially those who made the trip to Pride Park and were part of the whole experience.

And the one thing that has struck me in the wake of a great day out for the fans was just what a change we’ve see over the last couple of weeks.

Followers of Sunderland are accustomed to life being a roller-coaster but even by the club’s own standards, this last fortnight or so has been remarkable.

I’ve been around the club for donkey’s years now, but I can’t quite recall a transformation in mood and expectation from how the fans were feeling after the Bury game and the one after the Derby game.

It wasn’t nice to be a Sunderland fan after the Bury game with the club having become something of a laughing stock, if we’re honest, but just look at things now.

Saturday was like the good old days under Peter Reid when the club was flying high. In fact, it might have been even better because now we have one of the biggest names in world football at the helm and a fan and a former footballer as chairman of the board.

It was a great day down at Pride Park and the script seemed to be written almost before kick-off when Keane said his players were mobbed getting off the team bus and there was this real sense of excitement.

The massive travelling army of fans added colour and spectacle to the occasion and we had the drama of going a goal down before the break before storming back to win 2-1.

It was the perfect start to the Keane era.

And the icing on the cake, was just after the final whistle when there was a massive, massive cheer from the visiting fans when the scoreline ‘Newcastle United 1 Fulham 2’ flashed up on the scoreboard .

Just for one day, you felt, God had decided to be a Mackem!