Sunderland 0 Everton 3: How SAFC fans reacted on Twitter after Lukaku hat-trick

Adnan Januzaj tries to make an impact for Sunderland against Everton tonight. Picture by Frank Reid
Adnan Januzaj tries to make an impact for Sunderland against Everton tonight. Picture by Frank Reid
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Sunderland’s dismal Premier League form in August and September continued tonight, with Everton handing out a 3-0 beating at the Stadium of Light.

Romelu Lukaku ended his 11-game league run without a goal by bagging a 12-minute second-half hat-trick.

Here’s how some Sunderland fans reacted on Twitter.

@Parsden: We need to stop starting with Watmore. He’s an impact player at best

@S3rgio3: Well that was awful. Defence fell apart and midfield non-existent.

@Sunlunfan: Can’t begrudge Everton the win. Lightyears ahead of us in that 2nd half. Djilobodji at 27 should be nowhere near as rash as he was

@NDJ0602: Kirchoff good first half but totally faded 2nd. Januzaj not effective enough. Always trying to do that little bit too much

@jrutherford11: Pretty abysmal from Sunderland. Different season, same old problems. Cue revival March.

@Lennox66Steve: No free headers when Sam was manager

@AHendrikson: Sunderland looked worryingly tired in that second half.

@Shaun_Hall23: SAFC do not play jack Rodwell again this season !! Can’t pass, head, tackle, utterly embarrassing the guy is a joke!

@rickneary86: can’t we just skip to the bit where we narrowly avoid relegation please? i like that bit #safc

@mfarn55: You’d think after all these years I would get used to this feeling!! I just hope we stick with Moyes.

@snazzy_smounts: 3 goals from 3 defensive howlers, manifesting in poor marking and terrible defensive shape, in 11 minutes. Must be improved next game

@GarethOrd: So is that £8m of our spending down the drain with Djilobodji then is it...O Shea in again is it

@TMALBRGHTN: 10 seasons in the Premier League and thats what @SunderlandAFC are still serving up. Absolute disgrace that is

@AndrewLonsdale7: Someone tell me a worse centre half we have had in the last 10 year than Djilobodji

@Nige_1969: Since we last played them #efc we’ve gone right downhill. #safc need at least a big target man, otherwise we are doomed.

@Nerf_Herder1980: How many times we going to hear we need points not excuses or time to get it right etc.? Sick of excuses year after year

@DavidWright1802: That was garbage. It’s going to be another long and depressing season.

@SixInARow2015: Wake me up when September ends

@Petermckenzie73: football doesn’t matter when you see that little boy #BradleysFight and we got some nice new seats - so that’s good!

@ncrowe16: If we’re going to be so hopelessly outclassed, I’d rather we play our own youth players to Chelsea rejects like Djilobodji

@Reece_Benson: That was just brilliant. I wish I could relive that

@Safc1879_: A bench with 4/5 defensive minded players and a keeper tells you all you need to know about our squad. Shambles

@phil_browell: That 2nd half & in particular the defending for the goals was some of the worst I’ve ever seen

@jeffrir: One wrong sub spoilt the whole game for #SAFC. Getting #Gooch off instead of #watmore

@josh_fielden: Only positive from tonight was hopefully #BradleysFight got the recognition and attention it deserves.

@Sinc90: Very confused with Moyes’ set up at #safc. No goal threat other than Defoe. Januzaj tries to do too much, Watmore no nous in the final third

@RitaFluid: Gotta feel for Kone. He must be wondering what he’s done to deserve this