Rowell report: Why couldn’t this sort of result happen earlier in the season?

Jermain Defoe caps off Sunderland's positive performance.
Jermain Defoe caps off Sunderland's positive performance.
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I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry after Sunderland’s win at Hull on Saturday.

It was such a typically Sunderland thing to do – gaining three points when they are absolutely no use to us whatsoever.

Also, in a season when the only luck we have had has been the bad stuff, we get two huge slices of good fortune when Hull City should have had a penalty, while Defoe’s goal was so clearly offside even Jermain looked slightly embarrassed.

However, a win is a win especially in the Premier League and I am not complaining as any good news in a season like this one has to be welcomed with open arms.

If only we were still in the fight at the bottom this would have been looked on as the result of the season with so many things we usually get wrong on Saturday we got right.

First of all a rare clean sheet, thanks to an outstanding goalkeeping performance, a spirited energy throughout the team that has too often been missing and not one, but two goals from set pieces, and even if one of them was dodgy, we still had to get on the end of them.

Then, just like we did to Jose Mourinho a few seasons back, Sunderland ended Marco Silva’s stunning unbeaten home run that has spanned three clubs and of all the teams he has seen off in that time, he loses his record to an already relegated team.

I have got to mention the fans who have been given so little, but still gave a relegated team unbelievable support – they are the true heroes of our club.

So why did we get it right on Saturday against a team that are admittedly struggling, but whose home form recently has been outstanding?

Was it case of the pressure being off now we are down or just that we got the breaks on Saturday and had a goalkeeper who refused to be beaten?

Probably a combination of many things, but I bet every single Sunderland fan has asked why it couldn’t have happened earlier.