Rowell Report: Sunderland players must do better than this

Ex-Sunderland footballer Gary Rowell
Ex-Sunderland footballer Gary Rowell
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SUNDERLAND slipped even deeper into relegation trouble after the defeat at Spurs and with other teams at the bottom getting vitals wins, it made for a disastrous weekend for the club.

It all means Sunderland returned to the bottom of the Premier League table – a position that fans have been used to for much of this season.

It all started so promisingly at White Hart Lane, when Sunderland opened the scoring, but it ended with them in total disarray.

The manner of the defeat was alarming as the longer the game went on, the more you could see the belief in the players completely draining away.

To lose so heavily can have a demoralising effect and with the players confidence at rock-bottom, it is all looking so bleak.

I thought Lee Cattermole was Sunderland’s best player and one of the few to do himself justice, even managing to get on the scoresheet – and that doesn’t happen too often!

Not for the first time this season, Sunderland showed when Cattermole leaves the field most of the fighting spirit goes out of the team and the passion and desire he shows should be an example to the rest.

Gus Poyet’s change of system hasn’t worked and in his after-match Press conference his demeanour and body language was as low as I’ve seen since his arrival.

Whatever team and tactics Poyet uses in the remaining games this season won’t matter however if the team won’t respond and capitulates as badly as they did at Spurs.

The best thing about Monday night was the support the team got from fans who never stopped singing and you just have to applaud their loyalty.

“Things can only get better,” has rung out at Sunderland games for months now and we can only hope that’s true for fans who deserve much more than they are getting right now.