Rowell Report: Positive response from Sunderland players after Poyet’s comments

Ex-Sunderland footballer Gary Rowell
Ex-Sunderland footballer Gary Rowell
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THERE’S not many clubs in the Premier League that can average more than 40,000 over the course of the season, especially while spending most of the season in the relegation zone.

There’s even less that could get more than 40,000 for a game where bottom meets second bottom in a game that’s live on TV with an unhelpful noon kick-off.

After the defeat to Everton at the Stadium of Light just two weeks ago, Gus Poyet made some controversial comments about something being inherently wrong at the club.

But if that’s true, it is certainly not the staggering support the club gets week in, week out.

Sunderland haven’t just under-achieved for years, they’ve under-achieved for decades.

So if there is some underlying problem, it has been around for quite a while!

Sunderland Football Club has so much going for it – a state-of-the-art Academy, a modern stadium that more successful clubs like Everton can only dream about and a loyal and passionate fan-base that is desperate for success.

Yet the one thing that really matters above everything else is a successful team on the pitch and this continues to be elusive.

Maybe Gus Poyet’s comments after the Everton game were born out of frustration after seeing his team lose a game again that they should have got something from because of yet another own goal.

Or perhaps he wanted to provoke a reaction from people at all levels of the club and in doing so he created huge interest and talking points as fans put their own interpretations on his words.

What’s not in dispute is that since the Everton game, results have dramatically improved and from the desperate position Sunderland were in after that defeat, Sunderland have given themselves hope and that might just have been Gus Poyet’s plan all along.

I’m not sure that there is any underlying problem at the club but if so, I would love to know what it is and hope Gus Poyet can get to the root of it.

What I do know is that Sunderland Football Club are one of the biggest clubs in the country and hopefully Gus Poyet can find the key to finally unlock the huge potential it has for success, where so many ex-Sunderland managers have failed.