Rowell Report: O’Shea idiocy was to blame

Gary Rowell
Gary Rowell
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IN LAST Saturday’s game at Old Trafford, Sunderland were coping comfortably enough with the Manchester United attacking threat, despite their greater possession, right up until the penalty incident.

I’ve no problem with the referee’s decision, it was the right call - a definite penalty, even though the wrong man was sent off.

John O’Shea got caught the wrong side of Radamel Falcao, but why did he have to haul him down?

Defenders are not the last line of defence, the goalkeeper is, so without O’Shea’s foul, Costel Pantilimon might have made a save or Falcao could even have missed, as he was hardly pulling up any trees up to then.

Worst case scenario is Falcao scores, but at least you’ve still got 11 men on the pitch, instead of having an impossible job of having to get back in the game a man down.

Before United scored, their fans were restless and becoming more unhappy with what they were seeing and they made their disappointment clear.

As an away team, that’s exactly what you want, Sunderland, without playing particularly well, were frustrating United, but everything changed with O’Shea’s unnecessary foul when he should have trusted his goalkeeper more.