Rowell Report: Frightening to think how many steps backwards Sunderland have taken

Again, the fight was too, little too late from Sunderland players.
Again, the fight was too, little too late from Sunderland players.
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Sunderland ended this season’s home games just like they started it with a defeat and in between you could list the highlights on a postage stamp.

Saturday’s game with Swansea really was as bad as it gets and I have heard many fans say it will be a game quickly forgotten.

However, I have got to disagree.

It was so inept, it could well be used as a benchmark in the future to compare other none-shows against.

I can just imagine in a couple of years time a bad performance will be followed by the question ‘But was it as bad as the Swansea game?’

And if the answer is yes, I hope I am not there to see it.

How can a team that just 12 months ago finished a season with two home wins that electrified everybody, unravel into the shambles we saw on Saturday and for most of this season?

The sight of disillusioned fans disappearing in droves, leaving a sea of empty seats was the saddest sight of all – but who could blame them?

Compare those last two home games of last season which saw six goals, six points and quality football to the last two home games of this season – no goals, no points and not an ounce of quality football and it is frightening to think how far backwards we have gone.

The goals on Saturday were so predictable; conceding early on to pile on the pressure, then again just on the stroke of half-time to effectively kill off the game.

Swansea knew they had the game won in the half-time interval, as did everybody else in the stadium and they just sat back in the second half knowing they didn’t have to chase the game as Sunderland went through the motions.

Swansea fans couldn’t believe their luck, playing the worst team in the league at their very worst, while Hull’s fans must hate us as we have effectively relegated them in the space of a week by winning at the KCOM Stadium then handing Swansea three points on Saturday, while hardly putting up a fight.