Rob Gilchrist: Sunderland’s luck will eventually run out

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Forty eight years ago next week April 19th 1967, I saw my first Sunderland game against Nottingham Forest at Roker Park.

I was eight years old.

Since that time I must have seen well over two thousand games at all levels from first team downwards, with probably just as many players wearing red and white.

I cried when Liverpool relegated us in April 1970,I cried again three years and one month later when five of that side gave me the greatest ever moment as a Sunderland fan.

I have experienced every high and every low this football club has encountered since 1967,and whilst records will show that there have been worse Sunderland sides, I have never seen a Sunderland team not try...until this season.

What I witnessed against Crystal Palace tells me this present Sunderland side totally lack effort and commitment, and despite all of the rhetoric they will come out with over the next few days, do not care one iota.

With five goals conceded at Southampton in 20 minutes, another four at home against both Aston Villa and Crystal Palace in 20 minutes, that equates to 13 goals conceded in one hour of football.

Our board are brilliant in their own fields, however collectively as an organisation they are becoming an unmitigated disaster.

One poor managerial appointment can be forgiven,four cannot.

Oh for a Peter Kenyon or a Daniel Levy at Sunderland.

We can but dream.

So where do we go from here?

Well we have sailed so close to relegation over the last seven years eventually the luck will run out and we will fall through the trapdoor.