RECAP: Sunderland to sign De Guzman and Borini? Is there any money left? Chris Young answers your questions

Sunderland manager Dick Advocaat on the touchline at the Stadium of Light
Sunderland manager Dick Advocaat on the touchline at the Stadium of Light
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Should Sunderland’s board communicate more? Will more signings be made before the deadline? Is there a long-term plan?

We fired your questions at Sunderland reporter Chris Young after the club’s awful start to the new season and a lack of recent transfer activity.

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Here are some highlights:

Q: Mo Arora asked if there was any truth in the De Guzman rumours?

CY: I’m still checking it out, but from what I’m told so far, I get the impression that it’s genuine, yes. He fits the bill in terms of an attacking midfielder that Dick has been desperate for. He’s proven quality in the PL. And Sunderland have been looking for loan deals, with view to permanent transfers.

If there’s a good deal that presents itself, more money might be made available

Chris Young

Q: Porterfield asked: What the heck is going on at Sunderland?

CY: Where to start? I think the manner of these two results have prompted supporters to ask a lot of far-reaching questions about the set-up and direction of the club. After 3 years of struggling, that’s understandable. Bottom line is Sunderland need more quality. But even so, players shouldn’t have been as bad as they’ve been so far.

Q: Gavin Frater tweeted: Do we actually have a plan for the season or are we winging it? #nostyle #noidentity

CY: I think there’s been too much fire-fighting over recent seasons. I did a piece last week on how far Sunderland have fallen behind the likes of Stoke. Lee Congerton is putting steps in place for a long-term plan, but it might take several years to come to fruition.

Q: David Bays asked are you worried about the situation at the club, we’re only 2 games in and people walking out already. Do you think we have got cash?

CY: Got to be worried. Seems the same old pattern. Think you can only really make a judgement on the investment at the end of the transfer window.

But these first 4 games were chances to put points on the board and the team has looked so, so far off the pace.

Q: What is the latest on a loan deal for Borini?

CY: Not heard anything fresh on Borini, other than Inter want him. The move was nowhere near as far advanced as was reported last week. There is a feeling too that he might be tempted more by Serie A.

Q: Lee Smith asked: Why so quiet on the transfer front??

CY: Yeah I think the transfer situation is as concerning as the performances, when the team clearly needs at least a couple more. Problem now is attracting players to a club looking in a bad state.

Q: Robert Staincliffe asked: Do you think Dick will bring in a left back as cover (replacement) for Van Aanholt, after another horror show?

CY: Well, there was nothing in the talk about Kieran Richardson. But it’s clearly a concern given the way PVA has been ripped apart in the first two games.

I know Advocaat had spoken to him about focusing on his defensive duties, before going forwards, but then he looked caught in two minds v Norwich.

Q: Jamie Brown tweeted: do you think all these rumours going around saying we have no money or true? Or just a smoke screen?

CY: Difficult one. It’s not as clean cut as that. I was hearing rumours about the cash flow prior to the Wickham sale.

But that £9m has obviously boosted the coffers now. You never know what can happen towards the end of the window though. If there’s a good deal that presents itself, more money might be made available.

Q: Lynda Russell asked: How does the club get the supporters back onside in your opinion?

CY: Yeah, I think communication between the club’s hierarchy and supporters is a big issue and has been since Quinn departed.

I’ve wrote about it a few times over the last year or so that it’s something which needs to improve to give fans an insight into the direction of the club, plan, finances etc.

Recap the Q&A in full by clicking here.