‘Raging bull’ Di Canio wages war on complacency at Sunderland

RAGIN BULL: Sunderland coach Paolo Di Canio.
RAGIN BULL: Sunderland coach Paolo Di Canio.
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PAOLO Di Canio has been a raging bull around Sunderland’s training ground this week in a determined bid to stamp out any hint of complacency, writes Graeme Anderson.

The Italian was stunned in the wake of Wigan’s defeat to Swansea on Monday night, at the effect the result seemed to have inside the Sunderland camp.

And he feared that all across the club, there was a danger that too many people might mentally ease off.

“I was already angry yesterday because I didn’t like what was going on,” he explained.

“In the future, we have to make sure we change the mentality – not just the players and staff, but the physios, the refectory staff, the directors – everybody has to change the mentality.

“Because if we are going to delegate to the others to decide our destiny, we are going to remain an average team, albeit with great potential.

“I don’t like that.

“If the players go to have a massage and talk about the Wigan result being fantastic, that maybe we can stay up with no more points... then we are never going to be something important here

“Yesterday, I didn’t enjoy it because too many people were talking about Wigan.

“So I made it clear to them.

“I told them WE have to win our game.

“WE have to go out there – US – and win our game. It is still about us, not Wigan or any other team.

“It is no point in us relying on anyone else.

“We have Southampton this weekend and we have to go out there and win our game.

“That has to be the message to the players.

“It has to be.”