Quiz: How many obscure Sunderland signings since 2009 can you name?

Sunderland owner Ellis Short.
Sunderland owner Ellis Short.

Ellis Short's reign at Sunderland can best be described as turbulent.

That has been reflected in the recruitment with a whole host of players coming and going since 2009. The constant change in manager has not helped with a consistent strategy let alone squad.

There have been a number of players who have had a short-term affect, others have been bought and sold on at profit.

On the other hand there have been too many to count who have failed to make their mark, some who have even failed to make an appearance and many more who simply didn't meet expectation and were instantly forgettable.

A look back through the signings over the last nine years is an interesting snapshot of the up and downs of the club.

Whichever division the club are playing in next season there will likely be a further squad overhaul.

But looking back how many of these obscure Sunderland signings can you remember?