Quinn: Owner Short to address Sunderland fans

Ellis Short
Ellis Short
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SUNDERLAND owner Ellis Short is to make another address to the club’s fans in the near future to explain his plans and hopes for the future.

Since getting involved with the club three years ago, the American billionaire, below, has made only one public appearance, through a specially arranged interview with the club’s TV channel.

Now he is planning another interview through the same channel so fans can get a clearer idea of his commitment to the club and his vision for the future.

Club chairman Niall Quinnn revealed the owner’s plans at a talk-in at Whiteleas Social Club last night.

“Ellis is set to do another interview with SAFC TV to give the fans reassurance,” he said.

“He is not your quintessential foreign owner who might come to a Premier League club looking to make a quick profit.

“He gets as agitated at referees as any of us.”

“He’s as happy as any of us at us scoring a goal and he probably gets more excited about players on other sides diving or injustices.

“You’ve got to be delighted about it, though – at how much he has bought into it.

“He’s never had publicity about his businesses and he worried about that when he first came on board with the club.

“He’s not one for publicity, but he saw the club’s potential and the human side of the story and it was something he wanted to be involved in.

“He keeps up to date with what’s going on all the time.

“He’s very, very committed and I think he’s as near as you’ll get to a perfect owner.”

Quinn also revealed that Short will continue his funding for the club as long as he feels it is the right thing to do to grow the business.

But Quinn also pointed that if the club’s attendances continued to fall away in coming seasons, then he as chairman would be failing in his duty if he did not tell the board it might be wisest for the business to consider cutting down on investment too.

“Ellis Short isn’t just doing this for fun,” he said.

“He’s building up an asset on his portfolio and part of what keeps him interested are the efforts of ourselves and our fans to make it work.

“He believes in us and as long as we as a club are continuing to go in the right direction and continuing to grow and develop, I think he will support us all the way.”