QPR 1 Sunderland 2: How SAFC fans reacted on Twitter to Paddy McNair’s glory night

Sunderland fans celebrate at Loftus Road
Sunderland fans celebrate at Loftus Road
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Paddy McNair was the unlikely hero as Sunderland progressed to the EFL Cup fourth round with a 2-1 win at QPR tonight.

Here’s how Sunderland fans reacted on Twitter.

@Gwright93: Gunna win the lot now, that Mcnair brace will kickstart our season!

@SAFC_NYorkshire: That’s better. Let’s hope tonight kickstarts our season.

@blackewok: Paddy McNair; he’s not the hero Sunderland deserves, but he’s the one we’ll take right now

@rshotton90: It’s nice to win a game of football. Especially after coming from behind, very un-Sunderland like

@lee_maughan: Cattermole changed that game


@Shaun_Hall23: We’ve won a game !!!! Here we go!!!! What a time too be alive

@anerrington: *Breaking News* we have won at football #safc

@DanielJenks89: McNair has scored more than Pogba. Fact

@LBrennan89: Finally. Gutted I didn’t go but finally we have a win. Need to push on now

@simon_coxon: Phew, we won a game!

@WilkySafc: Is this the way to Amarillo? Every night I’ve been hugging my pillow..... Dreaming dreams of Amarillo And sweet McNair who waits for me....

@josephhughes94: If this result kickstarts our season then paddy McNair will be a #safc icon. The £5m signing that nearly got 3 @ qpr

@Bunney_91: Can you feel it coming in McNair tonight?

@jezzrez: Inventor of #PokemonGo confirms the most rare Pokemon is more common than a McNair Brace

@SAFC_Spotlight: It really is Paddy McNair’s world, we just live in it.

@Teasdalee94: McNair playing centre mid for SAFC scores twice. McNair > Pogba

@keone_neasham: 2020- Man United offer Safc £110 million for Patrick McNair

@LukeHuggan: Paddy McNair scored twice? Like really? Have I died? Is this a sickly beautiful nightmare?