Poyet vow: I’ll have final say on Sunderland deals

Gus Poyet.
Gus Poyet.
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GUS Poyet says his opening talks over transfers with Sunderland’s director of football, Roberto De Fanti, went well.

And the Black Cats’ head coach hopes that together the pair can help restructure and improve the squad in the January transfer window.

The Uruguayan and the Italian met in London last weekend, with Poyet happy to accept the new management system but insistent it has to work well.

He told the Echo: “I’ve told him my opinions about everybody and I’ve told him what I think we should be looking for.

“They will manage it and then I will start checking on them every now and then – I like to go and see players live, if it’s possible.

“We talked about a position the other day and considered four players.

“I picked two. It was simple.

“One of the other two was a definite no. If that one is coming, I won’t be here.”

Poyet says he has given a lot of consideration to what needs to be done with Sunderland’s squad and has not been influenced by any particular result.

“I don’t go on my emotions,” he said.

“People say maybe after Hull, you want to change half of the team and now because you’ve won two games, you don’t want to change anyone.

“No. I’ve got it clear.

“The players who are here have this opportunity, but there are things that I think we need.

“If we can find them, then we’ll do it and the rest will depend on how we go.

“You never know what will happen with injuries. You might get a massive injury and you need to be quick and ready.

“If something happens tomorrow, then we need to have a possibility.”

The director of football model is new to Sunderland and has come under critical scrutiny in recent months, with questions being asked about how whether it genuinely works.

But Poyet says it will work if all parties respect each other.

“The sporting director exists everywhere in the world,” he reflected.

“I know in England, it’s not very common. The manager is normally in charge of everything.

“But I had it at Zaragoza as a player.

“My situation is clear.

“I met with Roberto and Valentino (Angeloni, Sunderland’s chief scout) and said what I think we need.

“They need to give me the options and I need to pick the ones I like.

“We need to see if they are available and if they fit into the financial possibilities, then we will move forward.

“I would like to think it will be easy to see with the players who come in, whether I was involved or not.

“I’m sure it’s going to be done in the right way; in the common sense way.

“Everyone has a responsibility and then the player has to be the right one for me.

“If not, I’m not going to accept it.”