Poyet: The work has already begun at Sunderland

First press call for Gus Poyet as Sunderland AFC Head Coach., at the Academy of Light.
First press call for Gus Poyet as Sunderland AFC Head Coach., at the Academy of Light.
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GUS Poyet says he was not sweating over his appointment as Sunderland’s new head coach as the club took their time before making his appointment official yesterday.

The Uruguayan gave an interview in his home country early last week revealing he had put himself forward for the job.

But despite being installed as the bookies’ favourite for the position, Poyet had to wait for days for the club to finally make its move.

It was a delay which did not phase the former Chelsea and Spurs star.

“Was I nervous about waiting a couple of weeks?” he mused.

“No, I wasn’t.

“If anything, I think it was exactly the opposite.

“I was very excited and energetic during the first few days of applying and then I thought ‘come on, it’s not in your hands’.

“But I was looking forwards to what was to come - whatever it was - checking a game, checking a player or checking internationals.

“Every day, there was something that was there - to do this or write something down that came into my head.

“I was already working for it, without knowing it was going to be me.

“But I think it has worked in my favour because it meant I had a couple of weeks of clear and detailed preparation before coming in.”

The 45-year-old is quick to admit though that he is delighted the wait is now over and he relished his first day taking training yesterday.

“It was great,” he told the Echo. “It felt like years since I was last on the training ground - not months!

“I’m still hoarse! I’ve just about lost my voice from having to shout. But out there on the training ground is where I love to be and I’m excited about the job ahead, excited about getting to know the players and working to improve them, excited about the whole thing to be honest.

“It is a great privilege to manage this club.”