Peter Reid on having a 'monkey's heed' and dealing with abuse from Newcastle fans

Peter Reid received plenty abuse at St James's Park
Peter Reid received plenty abuse at St James's Park
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Peter Reid says he relished the banter with Newcastle United fans during his time as Sunderland manager.

Reid spent more than seven years in charge of the Wearsiders and was involved in some memorable games against their derby rivals.

Cheer Up Peter Reid

Cheer Up Peter Reid

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The Scouser often came in for abuse from Magpies fans, but says he took it all in good spirit and gave as much back as he got.

Reid's autobiography, Cheer Up Peter Reid, is out today and the title of the book relates to the song coined for him by Sunderland fans at the height of his popularity.

It even got released and made No 41 in the UK charts, and Reid says he loved the song.

He said: "I even enjoyed it when supporters of other clubs, mainly Newcastle, changed the words so they could have a go at me.

"Whenever I went to St James’ Park I’d hear their version and it made me laugh. I always enjoyed terrace banter, even when I was on the receiving end of it.

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"You get affection and you get abuse and as long as the latter doesn’t go too far, you have to accept it. I’ve even learned to enjoy some of it.

"The Newcastle fans slaughtered me for having “a monkey’s he’ed” which was harsh on primates but instead of letting it bother me, I found it funny.

"When I took part in the Great North Run, which was a wonderful experience, I wore a Sunderland shirt with a monkey’s head on the back. I think when people see that you’re willing to have a laugh you can gain a mutual respect because that’s what football banter, in its truest sense rather than some of the nonsense you see these days, has always been about."

Cheer Up Peter Reid, Trinity Mirror Sport Media, RRP £18.99. On sale from Amazon, book shops and Ebook also available.