O’Neill: Give us credit for determined display

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Martin O’Neill hoped his side would get credit today for their disciplined and determined performance against Champions League opposition, writes Graeme Anderson.

The match against Spurs ended goal-less with the Londoners creating comfortably the better chances.

But the Sunderland manager was at pains to point out that his own side had also done well.

“We may not have had much in the way of chances on goal but I always thought we looked dangerous,” he said.

“Considering the last two games we’ve played have been against a side vying for the title and one looking favourites for the Champions League, we haven’t done too bad..

“We didn’t reach the heights against Spurs that we did against Manchester City but we did give them a tough afternoon.

“We had to play strongly because we didn’t have their resources.

“It meant that it was a tough afternoon for us, but it was a tough afternoon for them, too.

“And Harry Redknapp would have known when he came up here that he was in for a tough game.

“We are strong at home and we have good players.

“James McClean was up against one of the best full-backs in the league at the moment, Kyle Walker, but Spurs still doubled up on him and that tells you about the danger he represents.

“It was a shame that it wasn’t a straight contest because McClean has had the beating of most full-backs right now.”

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