Moyes under fire on disastrous day for Sunderland: How SAFC fans reacted on Twitter to Watford defeat

Jermain Defoe battles in vain at Watford today. Picture by Frank Reid
Jermain Defoe battles in vain at Watford today. Picture by Frank Reid
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Today’s disastrous afternoon for Sunderland has left supporters reeling, with relegation looking more and more likely.

The 1-0 defeat at Watford, coupled with wins for relegation rivals Hull, Crystal Palace and Leicester, has increased the ire aimed at manager David Moyes, his players and owner Ellis Short.

Here are how some SAFC fans reacted on Twitter.

@irobarmstrong: Said it a few times this season but I think that’s the nail in the coffin. We’ll be lucky if we score again this season

@tonyeagles: #safc I accept we are relegated now and I completely blame Mr Short for ruining my beloved club. Shame on him.

@Leslake3: Hate to call own players but borini wouldn’t get a game for Hartlepool o Shea finished and denayer is bloody rubbish worst safc team 4 years

@SteveFlood_: What Moyes is doing is waiting till the death and we’re gonna do the best escape of all time! ..Fellas a genius!

@goldys_logic: Well, lads and lasses, that it is very much that

@coyneeee: I’ve defended Moyes to the hilt but I think that he keeps persisting with Rodwell and Gibson as a midfield pairing is disgraceful

@IanIanrobrich: Wonder how many of the squad believe in Moyes tactics

@LouSmorals: I don’t care anymore

@jbcallaghan: Got what we deserved again. Clueless manager, woeful squad (with 2 exceptions). Players stealing a living - Kone, Borini etc.

@DogLayer: Imagine not buying a striker in the summer, Then imagine not buying a striker again in January.

@GazWilko86: In august Moyes promised we’d be in a relegation battle, he was wrong. There’s absolutely nee battle in him or the players.

@Adamsafc81: Time for him to go now like

@markbewick: At least the #SAFC trip to New York is paying dividends. Money well spent.

@Jamie_Gilliess: At least there will be a few Yorkshire away games for me next season

@CommunityLd: That’s #safc gone. Time to give lads who will play next season chance to get some experience

@TMALBRGHTN: Shorts reign surely defined by losing Big Sam, getting Moyes, then not getting Big Sam back due to ill knowledge & pride

@Priestley20: @sunechosafc short sack that useless manager (moyles) before we drop further down the leagues he will bring on the demise of safc#clueless

@JamieJoslyn1: Today’s results all but confirm our relegation then and that the Mags will be taking our place, miserable times

@MJPotts17: Didier Ndong was the best player on the pitch when he came on. Shame he’s not British enough for Dave to start him.

@FreeborneJW2: You can go on about stability all you want, there is no stability with the wrong man in charge

@PaulErsk1ne: Forget redundancies, shocking points total and losing our best players; at least we haven’t made the cardinal sin of sacking a manager

@craigo67: Call me a pessimist but I’m starting to think SAFC might be going down this season

@DanMeister1234: Seeing what Allardyce has done with Palace hurts as well. Adds insult to injury

@SAFCmal: Fact- this is the 15 point season with Defoe and Pickford

@SAFCsource: Not confident that we will score again this season, never mind getting enough wins to keep us up. Must win and we can barely muster a shot.

@adamhutch_safc: How anyone can defend Moyes at #Safc will take some doing. He’s not even picking his better players that are available absolute joke he is

@jonstokoe: We deserve to go down. 1-0 at Watford? Pathetic. Moyes out. Completely clueless and can’t inspire players and fans

@Darrenthemackem: Utter rubbish see ya premiership