Mid-table is no bad thing for Sunderland – Gary Rowell

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I was joking with friends at the weekend that this ‘mid-table-mediocrity’ isn’t all it’s cracked up to be!

I think that we as Sunderland fans have got so used to adrenalin-filled ends to the season over the years – at either ends of the table – that it seems a little flat having little to play for and being becalmed in mid-table.

We should thank heaven for small mercies.

Martin O’Neill said after the Bolton game: “If there’s a bit of flatness about the place then, well, I’ll take that, compared to what the alternative might have been!”

And he’s exactly right too.

We’re in a fortunate position to be able to grumble about having not much to play for.

We shouldn’t forget how horrible those relegation battles have been over the years – they’ve aged us all!

And it’s nice not to be in the position that all our last three opponents have been in of being haunted by the drop. It’s a horrible time for the fans of those clubs involved, the stress, the worry and potentially the pain of relegation at the end of it.

Given the choice or relegation-battle or mid-table mediocrity, it’s mid-table every time for me.

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