McInnes No: How Sunderland fans reacted to the failure to tempt Aberdeen’s manager south

Derek McInnes
Derek McInnes
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Derek McInnes’s decision to stay at Aberdeen leaves Sunderland in a pickle over the managerial vacancy – just 51 days from the start of the Championship season.

Martin Bain flew to Florida to try to tempt the Pittodrie boss to move south to the Stadium of Light, but to no avail.

Now the Black Cats, whose opening friendly is against Bury on July 7, must redouble their efforts to secure a manager.

Here’s how some Sunderland fans reacted on Twitter to the McInnes revelation.

@garethhern: He obviously can’t say it’s because there is no budget and the club is an absolute shambles from top to bottom

@bighaz71: Nothing surprises me with safc marra

@MarcChurchill6: Sunderland have literally had a lucky escape there

@SteveRamshaw: typical safc all eggs in 1 basket no other options now wait another 4 weeks to end up with stockdale as boss

@FezzaSAFC: I thought we had a chance of bouncing straight back up to the PL, not now. Doomed to the Championship for years it feels

@44stu: You know your club are in a deep black hole when you can’t even convince the manager of Aberdeen to join you. Love supporting #safc

@pauloleary88: Martin Bain should resign really shouldn’t he? Four weeks ‘chasing’ McInnes to come back empty handed. That’s embarrassing mate

@RyanHonour: Staying in the SPL and turning down an offer to treble his wage in the process. How much of a state must our club be in man! #safc

@berty81: Get the feeling it’s gonna be ANOTHER long season

@AdventureSteed: Once again #safc r playing catch up in pre-season. De ja vu. The club is run be amateurs.

@gabenoble12: I’m being serious, can I apply for the job?

@OscarBrownsword: At least Martin Bain got a nice trip to Florida on club expenses out of this while fiasco. Played marra, well played

@AMlinaku: It’s got to the point where I’m embarrassed supporting the club. Absolutely stinks from the core!

@fisherjon10: With a takeover hopefully imminent, we’re not going to get anyone decent. New owners want their own men. Give it to Bally/Stockdale.

@sparkymarc23: If McInnes wanted the job he would have flew to England not us going out there to see him. He never fancied it obviously.

@WilkySafc: This football club is an absolute joke

@LWOS_SAFC: McInnes ain’t coming. So.....The next manager to turn down #SAFC C’MON DOWN!

@frel38: So Phillips and Ball it is

@PHILSTEPHENSON2: Nobody wants the job..... the clubs skint and a total joke

@GeorgeRitchi: We are an absolute joke as a football club. Bain & Short are useless failing to get their preferred mgr. both need to get out now. Worried

@Kevsol: To all those SAFC fans that have defended Ellis Short for past few years, it gives me no great pleasure to say ‘I told u so!’ #rottentocore

@GazJFisher: Ellis Short is running us into the ground. He doesn’t want to spend another penny & now we’re suffering! Someone, anyone please buy us #safc

@JHaySAFC: I’m literally dumbstruck by what’s just happened.

@MJPotts17: If Roy hadn’t lost to Iceland...

@COGpiece: Just logged on and seen the updates something seriously wrong at @SunderlandAFC clearly no funds for new manager #safc

@Rye_Mckenna: No players, no coaches, no manager, no money!