Maybe League One will be Chris Coleman's level: Sunderland fans react on Twitter to manager situation

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Sunderland fans have taken to Twitter to discuss manager Chris Coleman's tactics after the 1-1 draw with Norwich City.

The Black Cats threw away a lead for the second game in succession last night as they moved closer to dropping into League One.

Chris Coleman looks on against Norwich

Chris Coleman looks on against Norwich

After the game, a number of fans expressed their displeasure with the Welsh boss, criticisng his substitutions and the lack of impact he's made on results.

However, other supporters defended Coleman. Here's a selection of comments from Twitter:

@peterjames73: Very disappointed in Coleman. A positive change when we went 1-0 up (Asoro for Fletcher) and this game would have been won. His pace would have caused major problems to the Norwich back three. Absolutely disgusted.

@conormac: Coleman has worked here for months and we have seen no improvement on the set piece defending which realistically we concede the most by. Seriously doubting what’s he doing now.

@tmalbrghtn: 25 shots, says it all. Coleman can get them to play the right way but when you don't get the money to put the right players in the right systems, it matters little

@Shaun_ftm: Can’t believe the amount of people blaming Coleman. Just look at the goals we concede, including the one tonight. What can a manager do with that?

@Coonsy27: Subs far too negative from Coleman, especially the pointless late sub he seems to love. But how can our players not defend a set piece. So many points lost because we just can’t defend.

@alexfitz7: Coleman for me isn’t the man like. Don’t get me wrong I don’t see who is but Grayson got sacked for less. Poor substitutes, never any improvements in defence and all round poor football

@jonstokoe: I do like Coleman. But his substitutions are awful. And please, no more Lee Camp. He is utterly terrible

@AlexAtkin: Chris Coleman has got to be one of the worst managers #SAFC have had and that takes some dein! Talks a good one though......

@ollysherwood1: How’s Chris Coleman still in a job? Brings in 4 players worse than what was there, and fails to address a woeful defence. 5 months to realise 5 at the back isn’t working before going back to 4. It’s not rocket science. He is not the man to rectify this mess! #colemanout

@waldron1994: Two games Colemans wasted our own time in bringing an impact player on in the 90th minute. Maybe League One will be Coleman’s level.

@76skelly: 2 forced subs maybes, but Coleman’s use of the final chance to make us more attacking was yet again far too late and woeful

@wdt0_0: Hindsight’s a wonderful thing.. 4 minutes left and if Coleman makes an attacking change and if we concede everyone then asks why change things..... we concede without changing things everyone questions why he didn’t change things... #safc #nowinsituation

@flatscience1: Rather have mick mccarthy back, coleman hasnt done a thing, no club experience. #safc #ColemanOut

@BenDawson7: I back Coleman to get it right at SAFC with investment but his in game tactics baffle me. We cannot see out a game sitting back and we bring on a defender...... Clueless. #SAFC

@Mr_sad_man123: If our fans force Coleman out I’m off to support another team. I hate our fans atm.

@cfsport2: Coleman shouldve made subs earlier again today, sure, but overall its not his fault, has he cost us points this season? Yeah, but still if the ownership doesn't invest he cant get the players he wants. I understand the frustrations about colemans decisions, but sack him? No

@jamesinmotion: I have full faith in Coleman. You’re entitled to your opinion but he still has my backing

@samsonplace: Why won’t Coleman try and win games? Ejaria should not have remained on the pitch especially when Asoro was available.

@AnthMongan3: I like Coleman. I genuinely don't think anyone at all could do anything with the rubbish we have playing for us but the last few weeks his tactics and subs (lack of) are baffling

@Kevsafc22: 23 goals scored under Chris Coleman. 10 of those in 3 freak games. Conceded 43. Make of that what you like. #safc

@sam_butler: Coleman is a nice bloke. Love his enthusiasm and positive attitude but neither him, his signings, his tactics and training or his game management have made a difference to us. Assuming he would have made more of a difference if he'd had more money to spend is simply that. #SAFC