Martin Bain rearranges Supporters Association meeting – but questions still need answering

Martin Bain
Martin Bain
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Ooh. The things we’d like to know about Sunderland AFC.

There is more chance of Kim Jong-un telling the CIA where he keeps his teabags than excavating relevant information from the Stadium of Light. But it doesn’t stop us wondering.

For example there is a persistent rumour that under the terms of his contract, Jermain Defoe can leave the club for free in the event of relegation (hypothetical at the moment, but you never know).

This may yet be taxi driver talk. However, if true then you have to wonder who at the club agreed to this absurd condition.

Since Defoe joined them almost two-and-a-half years ago, Sunderland have been in constant danger of dropping out of the Premier League. If and when this happens he was always liable to leave anyway. So why agree to allow this without recompense?

Surely this wasn’t a deal breaker; although no one could blame the player or his agent for taking advantage.

And who at SAFC agreed to this multi-million pound clanger? Defoe signed his current contract in June last year; after the departure of chief executive Margaret Byrne and before the arrival of her replacement Martin Bain. So whodunit?

Perhaps it was one of the groundsmen, or cleaners, or someone else among the club’s “ordinary” workers. We have yet to hear any other explanation as to why so many of them are losing their jobs.

Something else we would like to know is, who thought that sending the players on that extremely pricey holiday in New York, taken before the announcement of the job losses for hardworking members of staff, was a good decision.

This issue just won’t go elsewhere as they have failed to score a single goal since their plane left the runway.

A modicum of respect could be clawed back if someone took responsibility and admitted that, for several reasons, New York was an incredibly bad idea.

Many other equally awkward questions arise (I have a few that I can’t yet commit to print). It was therefore commendable of Mr Bain to agree to speak at yesterday’s Sunderland Senior Supporters Association meeting.

It was slightly less commendable that questions had to be emailed beforehand and subject to time constraints.

Sadly, Mr Bain cancelled on Monday. We aren’t privy to the reason why, but are confident that it was a humdinger.

Joyously, he has rearranged for May 2.

Obviously, a slip of a lad such as myself can’t be present at Sunderland Senior Supporters Association meetings. It will be about another 40 years before I am eligible to join. Or something.

However, this may or may not be an obstacle to my attendance at the next appearance there by Martin Bain.

Still, he always has the option of giving an interview to the Echo.