Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp looks like Scandinavian villain with his maniacal grin but let’s hope Sunderland are smiling at Anfield

Jurgen Klopp
Jurgen Klopp
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I really like Jurgen Klopp.

Mrs F says he looks like he should be the arch villain in one of the Scandinavian crime dramas she forces me to sit through.

And when you see his maniacal grin during games or Press conferences, you sort of get where she is coming from.

But I think the Liverpool boss is one of football’s good guys.

Obviously, I’m hoping he doesn’t have anything to maniacally grin about when his side face Sunderland.

It’s been a welcome, if somewhat unusual, feeling to actually spend the last couple of weekends not feeling as sick as a dog as result of a football match.

Hopefully, Jurgen and his boys won’t rain on my parade when the lads run out at Anfield.

Klopp has got his side playing some really good football, and while the jury is still out on whether they can maintain it for a full season, on form so far, they have to be in the mix for a title challenge.

For Sunderland boss David Moyes, the trip to Merseyside gives the dilemma of whether to be brave or safe.

Playing Victor Anichebe and Jermain Defoe up front together has clearly brought its rewards in the last couple of games.

But playing that sort of system means that you can often concede a lot of possession to the opponents’ midfield.

If you can contain what they do with that possession then maybe it’s not that big a concern. But Liverpool are the type of side that can really hurt you if you give them too much time on the ball.

So does Moyes stay safe and pack the midfield? Or does he be brave and keep both Defoe and Anichebe on the field together?

Personally, I hope it’s the latter.

Not that there’s any pleasing some people, as I found out during the victory over Hull City last weekend.

I’m sure most of us have been there – sat in the stands to support your team and there’s a bloke sitting near to you who seems to have just turned up to miserable.

I know he’d paid the same money as me for his seat, and was therefore entitled to voice his opinion.

But this fella would twist on 21. I think the only thing he didn’t have a go at Moyes was the blackout after the electrical failure, although I’m sure he thought about it for a moment or two.

He seemed to genuinely enjoy celebrating the three goals, but those aside he spent the rest of the game complaining about just about everything else.

Five minutes after the first goal went in and the euphoria had died down, I heard him tell his pal “well, we’ll probably still lose anyway”.

And believe me it was a genuine gripe and not gallows humour.

I’ll be honest, it all got a bit too much for me, and I had to less than politely ask just why he’d bothered to turn up.

If he’s really determined to spend his weekends that miserable, he can work my overtime for me.

Let’s hope I’m not feeling as glum as ‘Happy Harry’ come the final whistle this weekend.