Liverpool 2 Sunderland 0: How Black Cats fans reacted on Twitter

Duncan Watmore passes up a good chance for Sunderland at Liverpool today. Picture by Frank Reid
Duncan Watmore passes up a good chance for Sunderland at Liverpool today. Picture by Frank Reid
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So close, yet so far.

Sunderland defended admirably throughout at Anfield, but title-chasing Liverpool won all three points thanks to late goals from Divick Origi and James Milner.

With Swansea incredibly beating Crystal Palace 5-4, the Black Cats are now back at the foot of the Premier League table.

Here’s how some Sunderland fans reacted to the defeat on Twitter.

@leccymeter: Frustrating #SAFC Liverpool have all these chances and both goals we let ourselves down.

@GazWilko86: Never looked getting owt really, defended well for the majority of the game. Next 3 games are huge and all winnable

@tracysweettweet: 6 weeks ago we’d have been stuffed 6 nil, so I guess that’s progress....?

@safcmadmike: Liverpool too dominant but we defended brilliantly and had 4 great chances, confidence definitely shouldn’t suffer

@joshhardy_: Didn’t expect to get anything from today but it would be nice if we didn’t sit back the whole game

@dbray65: Today’s result probably expected it’s the next 2 games which gonna show more where season going

@W1LKS_LoL: Hopefully the confidence isn’t dented. Liverpool weren’t worth the 2-0 like. Haway #SAFC still a long way to go

@Joelee15: Well we didn’t really expect anything did we, but the lads did good

@Ramos99FTM: Watmore has single handedly lost us that game

@DaveyPalmer1: What might of been if Watmore had hit that one first time instead of taking a touch when it was goalless

@SAFCsource: Needed to take one of the few chances we had but I thought we looked a lot better defensively. Encouraging performance despite defeat.

@JDJMcKenna: No lack of effort today, full of running, things to build on. Essential to keep O’Shea in there, a proper leader

@NUllah21: Mind thats best av seen us this year. Defo on the up imo. Ndong had great game a thought just that pen will take the shine off him

@d4d2fiveboys: Prem table actually doesn’t bother me right now. 2 wins off 11th. #safc actually giving off a positive ‘vibe’ right now.

@elliot_d_p: Well was expecting a battering today and thought we defended well, silly from N’Dong for the penalty, sooner Jan is back the better

@Skullyhuman: Feeling positive despite getting beat. #Lfc are mint man

@samsonplace: Away to Liverpool isn’t going to relegate us but would like us to at least try and win the game

@SJonesReporter: That’s an annoying defeat. Thought we defended well on the whole. Big moment was Watmore’s missed chance

@MPotts1993: No shame in that defeat. Defended well but ultimately ran out of steam. Moving onto Leicester

@GTunk: SAFC weren’t bad today, just beaten by a better side. Dare I say I’m encouraged by the performance?

@JordanHilton_: Could have easily been a draw today but it was gonna be hard defending all game

@76skelly: Expected result in all honesty but at least we tried to have a go

@MartLaa92: Fully expected a pasting today. Decent performance and results have mostly went for us

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