'We can't be that skint': Sunderland fans react to possible Stadium of Light name change

Sunderland have upped their attempts to sell the naming rights to the Stadium of Light after publishing a promotional video to potential sponsors.

Tuesday, 18th June 2019, 5:00 pm
Updated Tuesday, 18th June 2019, 7:00 pm
Sunderland fans have their say over the Stadium of Light's naming rights potentially being sold.

Rumours surrounding the re-naming of the ground have been circulating throughout the year. Here’s how Sunderland supporters reacted on Twitter:

@barry_pollock: “Whatever it’s called we will all carry on referring to it in the same way we always have and the club get much needed investment.”

@Ridderz86: “Not bothered as long as its sensible. Stadium of Light is not a great name anyway so any naming rights will bring in much needed revenue.”

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@GlenProctor1988: “For me I’m not big on the idea, but understand in modern football you need to do things like this to compete. So long as it’s not anything embarrassing or cringeworthy, then I’m all for it and Netflix will make it attractive to potential sponsors.”

@ColdwellAnn: “As long as it is tasteful and Stadium of Light remains in the name, then I am ok with it. More money in the coffers can only be a good thing.”

Over on Faebook, David Close said: “It's the stadium of Light to me and that's what it will always be called.”

And Steven Shaw stated: “I wouldn’t mind ‘company’s’ Stadium of Light for a smaller financial boost. To totally change the name though I think it needs to be the right brand and it needs to provide a massive financial boost.”

Michael Ridley added: There is no need to change the name, we can't be that skint. As far as I'm concerned it's wrong”

Lastly, Ian Fraser said: “If it does I'll still call it the stadium of Light.”