'Two shirts I won’t be buying this season:' Sunderland fans react to new away kit leak

Pictures of Sunderland’s away kit for the 2019/20 campaign have been leaked online.

Wednesday, 10th July 2019, 11:45 am
Sunderland fans react to the club's new leaked away shirt.

The blue shirt, lined with red Adidas stripes down the side panels, has the club’s new sponsor, Children with Cancer UK, written across the front.

The announcement follows the revealing of this season’s home shirt to largely negative reviews last month.

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And it’s safe to say Sunderland’s new away kit has polarised supporters’ opinions..

Here’s what fans said about it:

@Alisafc2017 “I've had a hack from a t shirt printer about how to get vinyl print off clothes. I'm going to give it a go, either it comes off or it ruins it..... either way it'll be an improvement.”

@jackford30: “It’s a nice kit, just ruined by the sponsor.”

@DJB_1976: “Genuinely @adidasfootball @adidasUK please stop making our kits from next season.”

@HillWalker70: “Shocking. Two shirts I won’t be buying this season, the home kit is equally as bad in my opinion.”

@Blackie081294: “I get the sponsors for charity but it’s ruined both kits”

@LeeStanness: “Assumed it was a training kit??”

@MichaelStelling: “Smart but the sponsor being a big red block spoils it. It’s a no from me”

@MsKateHolmes: “The shame of it is it's a cool sponsor, the boxiness just makes it look a bit cheap. If it could've been the white on blue logo, it would have been great. I do like the blue circle design on it that you can't see from this distance.”

@tongey93: “It’s alright. Just a shame the sponsor looks like a sticker again over an original sponsor. And the sponsor is far too high.”

@Jam_Sarny: “I actually don't mind it at all. Quite nice. But like a lot of fans, I think slapping that sticker on ruins its potential.”

@PhilipSAFC1: “Colour is good, the red box around the sponsor looks bad”

‏@w24holden: “I’m not a fan at all however it is made much worse by the car sticker splatted across the middle. You can just tell it was a last minute decision. Not what you want when you spending hard earned money and will wear it for a whole season.”

@DanielJenks89: “It is good, if you try and block out the sticker from your vision”

@IanIanrobrich: “Its ok but really look forward to seeing the back of Adidas. Not really liked any of our kits for about 5 years. Bring back Hummel.”

@RoryScurfield: “Yeh decent strip but that daft sticker on front just spoils it as it does with the home one”