Owner of Ligue 1 side reveals failed Sunderland takeover bid

The owner of Ligue 1 side Lille has revealed details of a potential takeover of Sunderland when the club were in the Premier League.

By James Copley
Tuesday, 13 August, 2019, 08:19
Gerard Lopez has admitted to having an opportunity to buy Sunderland.

Gerard Lopez, who owns Lotus’ Formula One franchise, claims he had the opportunity to take over Sunderland while the club was still under the ownership of the American tycoon Ellis Short.

“I had the opportunity to buy Sunderland, then in the Premier League, which I knew the owner,” Lopez said to La Journal du Dimanche.

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“I did not do it because, in terms of project construction, I prefer to work in France, the best talent pool in the world. No regrets.

“In suffering with LOSC, I fell in love with it. I’m not Lillois, but for me it’s not a normal box, not an investment in a refinery. So much so that I could not consider another club. Some people will smile while reading this, but I do not care.”