Jack Ross clarifies his comments on Sunderland negativity - and explains what he really meant

Jack Ross has clarified his comments about negativity at the Stadium of Light - and claims there was a ‘wild interpretation’ of his remarks.

Thursday, 19th September 2019, 15:00 pm
Updated Thursday, 19th September 2019, 16:54 pm
Jack Ross has clarified his comments on negativity at Sunderland

The Sunderland boss, speaking before the clash with Rotherham United, was keen to move away from any form of negativity as he felt it was leaving the club anchored down.

Speaking on Monday, Ross said: “It’s tiresome and it’s part of the problem at this club. We win 3-1 away from home, and always want to improve on what we do, I just fail to see sometimes what will make people satisfied.

“To continue to be critical of any sort of performance and result is negative and is almost like an anchor stopping the club moving forward.

“So I take issue with it.”

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But the Scot has now stated that his comments weren’t intended to be an overall critique of the Sunderland fanbase - and insisted they were ultimately blown out of proportion.

Indeed, Ross insists he is happy to accept criticism having admitted it is par for the course in his line of employment.

“This may be a good opportunity for me to clarify that when I was addressing any negativity, that was simply from the journalist that asked me the question,” he added, speaking ahead of the trip to Bolton.

"I think there was a wild interpretation of what I meant by that, because we like in a world where fake news is pretty common.

"So that criticism was aimed at the question I was asked, rather than any wider criticism.

"We have to be careful we don't blow something all out of proportion.

"We speak a lot as a group anyway about our focus, our ambition and what we want to do anyway - that covers a lot more than how you handle any criticism that will come your way.

"You get criticised at any club, any time when you don't win a football match.

"That's fine, that goes with the territory of my job."