Joseph Owens: If Sunderland want to progress they need to address their ‘financial strategy’

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Over the summer Sunderland fans will be discussing at great lengths who they think should be the next manager, or most likely, head coach.

There have been many names touted, even before the departure of Gus Poyet, and there will be an abundance of proposed candidates until the next appointment.

However, it is not who the club want to lead Sunderland forward, it is who can the club ascertain to lead Sunderland. On the whole, Sunderland may not be such an advertising opportunity.

It is a club with most likely very little to spend in recruitment, a club which pay their player’s far too much, therefore are unattractive to any potential buyers, and a club that seems to flirt with relegation annually.

The Sunderland players, for the most part, are dispensable. The problem, however, lies with the lack of want or need for them.

A perfect example is Connor Wickham. If Sunderland were relegated this season they would most likely be forced to keep Wickham as not many, if any, other clubs would want to pay his reported £60,000 per week salary. He may benefit from the Championship and turn into a footballer that propels Sunderland back up to the Premier League, however, when arriving back in the Premier League the same situation arises.

One thing is for sure. If Sunderland want to progress, the powers that be need to address the problem of their financial strategy.

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