Is Sunderland boss David Moyes the new Howard Wilkinson?

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We asked fans if David Moyes’ time in the Sunderland hotseat compares to the ill-fated reign of Howard Wilkinson.

Here’s what you said.

Pete Bogg: He’s had no luck with injuries but now he has a bit more choice his team selections are baffling. Dropping ndong, persisting with larsson over gooch or honeyman, not playing the kids instead of the woeful borini, picking januzi over khazri, negative team selections in the winnable/must win games, no subs until 70 plus mins, negatively in the media, no striker in January - its pretty bad but as bad as Wilkinson? Not for me.

Keith Hood: Good comparison but I think Wilkinson and Cotterell were worse

Leon Maddison: I still say take Defoe out the team and it’s as bad, if not worse than wilkos shower

Keith Purvis: Not as bad as mcmenemy.. He must be the worst manager we’ve ever had

Michael Parker: Managers and Sunderland it’s a funny old business. One apparently we’re pretty bad at.

Scott Burlinson: He’s not that bad, do not get me wrong he’s not doing good but Howard Wilkinson and Steve cotterall was way worse.

David Graham: He can’t do right in some supporters eyes, hasn’t been backed by the owner in the transfer market and took over with about 3weeks to the start of the season. limited funds in January so couldn’t bring in a lot of players, also bad injury’s to players..... Blame stops at Mr Short imo.

Dave Giles: How are people defending him? He may not have had it easy but virtually every decision he has made has been wrong. What has he done to show he can lead our club in the future?

Denis Kelly: Wrong man in the wrong place making wrong decisions ⌛️time has just about ran out Ellis please put him out of his misery ⚽️

Bob Doran: Think he should leave the team are worse now than when he came,

He as no idear how to improve the team

Ryan Heads: How can anyone defend him all the signings have been his choice it was his choice to get rid of lens it was his choice not to pay the money for mvilla it was his choice to sell kaboul he spent 14 million on 2 players from Man U that are woeful he spent another 9 million on a defender who cannot defend I could go on but all the people blaming the chairman must realise he don’t pick the team Moyes does it’s not the chairman saying play Gibson and drop ndong and it’s defo not the chairman keeping januzai and Borini in the team

Phil Baul: Even Wilkinson wasn’t as negative as Moyes

Kevin Brazier: Just as clueless.

Antonio Prenelle: Think Short will regret keeping Moyes when we go down to championship,and getting gates of under 30 thousand supporters,I don’t think Short gave any thought to what happened last 2 jobs when Moyes got the sack

Ian Wainwright: I actually think Wilkinson was more positive than Moyes, from the day Moyes walked into Sunderland he’s looked like a rabbit in the headlights

Adam Wilson: Howard Wilkinson was the worst appointment in our recent history!

Marcus Aurelius Morgan: This is McMenemy all over again....PLEASE SACK HIM SOON

Lee Shirren: This is by far the worst i went home and away in the old third division !!! The club is sinking faster than the titanic , totally clueless board and manager Moyes out

Margaret Hadlington: Short will probably wait until we get relegated than sack him with a big pay packet just like all the other managers we have had

Andrew Davis: Nothing has been as bad as that. As much as Moyes is a miserable sod at times, Wilkinson had the inspiration of cabbage!

Allan Crago: The similarities with the negative defensive tactics are definitely there.

Malcolm Sharp: Anyone who want Moyes too stay, honestly you need putting in a white padded cell!!!!!! For a very long time!!!!!

Connie Jane: Yes- I was thinking this when at Watford on Saturday. Both as uninspiring as each other!

Steve Robson: Both walked into basket cases with their hands tied behind their backs.

Richard Young: Equally as bad, but Moyes has had the money to bring in better players and wasted it

Peter Joyce: If they sack him is there anyone out there who could keep us up

Casper G Funk: It’s worse Id Rather have Howard back Moyes is clueless and so are the fuds that appointed him ,

Chris McKeen: Sinking ship that no one would want who’s going to want to work for short

Bob Whittaker: Complete clear out required especially at the top

Barry Marshall: Similarities are there along with the general apathy around the place.

Stephen Down: Howard was better more more organisation n effort