This is how Alex Neil's current Sunderland squad is valued by leading scouting platform WyScout (Picture by Frank Reid)

How Sunderland stars including Ross Stewart, Dan Ballard and Jack Clarke are valued by leading scouting platform

How does leading scouting platform WyScout value Sunderland’s current squad?

So far this transfer window, Alex Neil has managed to keep hold of Sunderland’s key players and has made some shrewd additions to his squad.

They have enjoyed a solid return to the Championship on the field, but fans will be hoping that they can continue to press on with their off-field activities as the transfer window draws to a close. But what shape is Sunderland’s squad currently in?

Wyscout is a multi-million dollar Italian company that supports football scouting, match analysis and transfer dynamics and provides information and reports to professional clubs and media outlets.

Here, using data provided by WyScout, we take a look at the valuations of Neil’s current Sunderland squad.

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(note: valuations are provided in euros and are correct at time of writing)

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