How Sunderland fans reacted to the Black Cats Celtic hammering

McGregor nets No 4 for the Hoops
McGregor nets No 4 for the Hoops
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FIVE goals, an injury to Wahbi Khazri and another missed penalty from new boy James Vaughan - it's fair to say Sunderland's final summer outing was a one to forget.

But how did social media react to the Black Cats' performance?

Here we have the best bits from Sunderland fans on Twitter, who were quite rightly less than impressed with their team's performance this afternoon.

@cohan1309 That went well :-/ #safc

@DavidNunn73 Beaten 5-0 six days before start of the season and trouble caused before and probably after game. Excellent idea from the club! #safc

@PaulNic_Journo Bad result 4 @SunderlandAFC today but shd be put into context. @celticfc already plyd competitive games & are a wk or 2 ahead in prep #safc

@p_donnelly84 Well that pretty much sums up the last 20 years #SoL20 Best part of the day was the Celtic fans #safc #celtic

@SixInARow2015 We're far too accommodating as hosts. I. Mean who else would play without a goalkeeper. #safc

@Super_Cilium Was steel playing for celtic? #safc

@matt_priestley I hope never to see jason steele in a #safc shirt ever again

@TeasdaleJacob 36 mil brought in for borini and Pickford + Defoe, larrson and Kirchhoff off the wage list but only 1.5 mil spent? #shortout #safc

@JoeHughes1994 Luring Derby into a false sense of security lads. Mind games #safc

@GavinEvs Only a friendly #Safc

@RJPalliser10 Does this mean we won't win the #DafabetCup17 ??? #SAFC