Ha’way Back When: Your memories of Sunderland’s Milk Cup semi-final battle with Chelsea back in 1985

Sunderland fans at the Milk Cup semi-final
Sunderland fans at the Milk Cup semi-final
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Sunderland beat Chelsea 2-0 in the first leg of the Milk Cup semi-final 33 years ago this week.

We asked what readers remembered of the game and were inundated with replies.

Ha'way Back When in association with John Hogg Funeral Directors

Ha'way Back When in association with John Hogg Funeral Directors

Andy Wilkinson: I remember at Stamford bridge a police horse was on the pitch for west’s last goal! Brilliant but very violent atmosphere- our back window was put out on the supporters coach so had a very cold trip home!

Peter Forster: Atmosphere was fantastic and electric if a little scary. Chelsea filled the Roker end and were trying to smash the gates to get out at full time. Never will forget it.

Peter Smith: I went to the game after being told my gran had only 2 days to live. It was freezing. Westies goals cheered me right up during what was a sad time for me.

Sean Duffy: It was bloody freezing that night. I think the Chelsea fans recited poetry to us. Lovely lads they were.

Craig Thompson: Remember it very well home and away, down there after the game remember walking down the streets and chelsea runn8ng down next street parallel with us throwing everything they could at us many a scuffle going on

Nick McFarlane: Talking to John Hollins (then Chelsea manager) as they left the Seaburn Hotel to travel to Roker. The noise from the Fulwell made the air crackle!

Ben Bradshaw: A grey loafer was found in the Clock Stand Paddock Roker End and waved and thrown about for about 5 minutes before being chucked onto the pitch. A copper picked it up and offered it to various groups before throwing into the Chelsea end. I always wondered how the lad got back hyem with only one shoe. Hope he didn’t have far to walk.

Brian Crampton: Away didn’t get in ground was full bus drop us off at tube station so we had walk the rest of the very naughty in those streets before the during the game and after the game. Fantastic atmosphere in the pub though!!!

Jason Wesley Biggs: I remember a giant bottle of milk pre match and at half time, during half time a guy commented ‘i thought they’d take the that pint of milk off’, think he was referring to Colin West.

John Hutchison: Getting bottles and bricks hurled at us walking back to Seaburn train station where the Chelsea supporters where penned in by the cops

Stewart Graham: I went to every cup game home and away Chelsea away great day

Peter Corr: Clive walker at Chelsea and the violence was a disgrace but a great cup run pity about the final

Chris Lamb: Remember the Chelsea fans firing fireworks from the roker end. Also Raining quite heavily.

Colin Branthwaite: I went to every game including Wembley. Disappointing final but I was there. ...

John Wood: Remember Chelsea fans running over pitch trying to throw chairs at us

Steven Ward: my memories... Colin West scored three goals (hatrick) in the semis and was dropped for the final!

Ian Smith: They were head butting the bus we were on at the blue bell

Terry Ward: The most violent atmosphere I have ever known at a football game.

Shaun Sayers: It was the away leg when the fun and games started

Neil Allen: I was there great night got home at 2 o’clock in the morning and Live in London

Nicki Fisher: Oh yes do

Andy Woodhouse: I had a dream the night before we would win 3-0 with a Colin West hat trick, wasn’t far off!

David Lowe: I was at both legs, I vowed never to go to Stamford Bridge again and never have

Martin James Seed: Thought the fighting at roker was bad, return leg was a bloodbath. You had to of been there.

Jim Fox: Where do I start?