Ha’way back when: Your memories of Stan Varga

Stan Varga
Stan Varga
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We asked for your memories on Stan Varga, who had an outstanding debut back in 2000 in a 1-0 season-opener against Arsenal. Here’s what you said:

Neil Grieves: That debut against Arsenal was superb. Shame injury got the better of him

Paul O’Leary: The man was a colossus against Arsenal in his first debut.

John Purvis: John Purvis I do, he was an absolute tour de force, didn’t put a foot wrong. Magnificent.

Michael Ganley: Best game for us, mind we then went to Man City away and he got a bad gash, took a while to recover from that, we were chanting to the arsenal fans, are you Tottenham in disguise!!

Matthew Pearson: Best debut ever against arsenal. Had Henry in his pocket all game. Best bit was when ball was kicked long for Henry both running for it and varga faked jumping to header it and calmly took it down on his chest and went passed him

Chris Collier: Against Arsenal, I seem to remember. Every pass was inch perfect.

Joy Hamilton: Remember it well. He was fantastic. Great legs too.

David Heath: I remember the debut, but he never repeated it.

Steven Bewick: That was his only good game.

Chris Corr: Defender collects the ball on the 18 yard line and takes it into the opposition half, once. Becomes a legend. Only at SAFC !!!

Stuart Reay: It was the only good game he had, he lived off Hansen and Lawrenson’s MOTD praise for ages until the penny dropped

Tony Gibson: Not exactly a superstar was he?

Carl Thompson: One of the best debuts i have witnessed

Stuart Wilson One of the greatest debuts I’ve ever seen!

Martin Todd: Brett Ormerod in the yellow?

Norman Clark: Fantastic debut then totally rubbish after that

Scott Burlinson: Remember that crossfield pass

Nick Graham Smith: He was outstanding and so were his flowing locks

Ian Wainwright: I was there, class debut by big Stan

Phillip Healey: Class

Neil Allen: I remember I was there

Steven Podd: We could do with finding a gem, a la Kevin Phillips, Asoro looks the business but doesn’t seem to get a chance, if I was him I’d be away, if he’s not gonna get a chance in a poor Sunderland side he may as well double his wage at a bigger club and go on loan.