Ha’way Back When: Sunderland fans’ good memories of Mick McCarthy

Mick McCarthy after being appointed Sunderland boss in 2003.
Mick McCarthy after being appointed Sunderland boss in 2003.
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Mick McCarthy got the better of his old club when Ipswich caned Sunderland 5-2 on Tuesday night. We asked you about your memories of his time at Sunderland. Here’s what you said:

David Norman: Couldn’t judge his premier league year had about 4 pence to spend....think he should get a crack at a decent prem club that would back him

Ian Wilkinson: Always as honest as he could be, the day when we were promoted as champions will live long in my memory.

Michael Napier: Good manager for us, similar scenario to Grayson in that he didn’t have much money to spend

John Crow: Brilliant manager I’ll have him back any day

Shaun Cockburn: He would a brought stability this year what we needed

Jonny Langley: Mick could get a tune out of a rusty trumpet. Worked wonders on a few hundred thou

Graeme Smith: Underfunded,kept his dignity,really nice bloke in my opinion....

Cameron Westwood: Treated terribly by the club. Doing a fantastic job at Ipswich, on very little money.

Tony Gibson: Let down by the chairman, where have we heard that before?