GARY ROWELL: Sessegnon must be ruthless

Stephane Sessegnon
Stephane Sessegnon
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STEPHANE Sessegnon is such a good player but he should be scoring more goals.

In saying that, I’m echoing the words of Martin O’Neill who has pointed out that considering the great positions he gets himself into, he should be scoring more often.

It’s something that 5,000 Sunderland fans were given a stark reminder of in the second-half of the game against Wigan when Steven Fletcher put him clean through on goal.

It was such a critical point of the game because if Sess had scored there, it would have been 4-1 to Sunderland and game over.

And he should have scored.

But I don’t necessarily agree with those who think he was trying to be too clever when he was deprived of the ball in the box.

I just think he was caught in two minds and that’s something you would expect far more of a winger in that situation than a striker.

And I think that, in a nutshell, is the heart of the issue.

Stephane has played the vast majority of his career as a winger. He is not a natural striker.

And that’s the challenge he faces in his current role playing just behind Fletcher.

It’s a dream role for a player of Sessegnon’s skills but he has to work on that ruthlessness and composure in front of goal.

If you’re a natural goalscorer than goalscoring is all you are thinking about in the position Stephane was in at the weekend.

If you’re Steven Fletcher in that position, all you are thinking about as you approach the box is putting the ball in the back of the net.

I just think Sessegnon, with his ability and control, had just too much on his mind as he reached the box – he was considering too many options and in the end ended up with neither.

And his challenge – not to mention that of Martin O’Neill – is to find a way of taking more of the chances that his skills so often create.

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