Gary Rowell: Blackburn win more than three points for Sunderland

Gary Rowell, former Sunderland player and now Echo columnist
Gary Rowell, former Sunderland player and now Echo columnist
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FOR A team which has lacked self-belief over the last few months, nothing restores confidence better than wins ... and it doesn’t matter how you get them!

Over the last few games, Sunderland’s players will have been going into the dressing room with their head in their hands, mentally shattered and you will have been able to hear a pin drop.

But on Sunday, the dressing room will have been rocking and moments like that can completely turn the tables.

Certainly in the first half, you could see the players were edgy.

They wanted it badly but they were nervous and that is what happens when you lose games and in the manner they have been losing games.

It will have been really difficult for them, especially when Blackburn went 1-0 up.

We had plenty of possession but didn’t create that much and the few chances we did have, we weren’t taking them. But when you get a win like that, it is such a morale-booster and sends a bolt of electricity throughout the whole club.

Psychologically, it is so important to get out of that bottom three too.

Admittedly, we only dropped into it because we were one of the last fixtures of the weekend, but when you get into the relegation zone, it can be hard to get out.

So Sunday was worth much more than three points.

It makes the upcoming games that much easier and the manager is not looking for that elusive first win.

Everyone from the owner down will be on a high because that is the sort of result which gives the whole city such a buzz.

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