Gary Rowell: Best 18 minutes of Sunderland’s season

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FOOTBALL is supposed to be fun, but you can easily forget that when your team goes on a run like the one Sunderland had been on before the weekend.

Saturday’s win over Wigan finally restored a bit of the feelgood factor with what was a pretty amazing game and result.

No one could predicted at the start of the game that we’d pick up another three injuries; or that at half-time with the score 0-0 we’d see six goals in the second half; or that having lost all our strikers just after the hour, we’d then go on to score three goals!

At the moment of greatest injury crisis, we suddenly chose to have our best 18 minutes of the season, with great moments and goals galore.

It was great to see.

There was real desire there from the players, all over the pitch and it paid off.

It just reminded me that supporting Sunderland Football Club can have you in the pits of despair one minute and in ecstasies the next.

The great thing is that the match finally put smiles on the faces of Sunderland fans again.

Everyone associated with the club could breathe a sigh of relief at the victory which pretty much makes Sunderland safe.

And everyone could savour a victory which will live long in the memory.

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