Fans voice their rage on Twitter as Aston Villa trounce Sunderland 4-0

Liam watson 8 from Willington. Picture by FRANK REID
Liam watson 8 from Willington. Picture by FRANK REID
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SUNDERLAND fans took to social media to vent their rage after watching their team take a @@ drubbing from Aston Villa.

The horror show brought back bitter memories from Di Canio’s trip to Villa in 2013, which saw the Black Cats go down an embarrassing 6-1.

While some fans stuck up for manager Gus Poyet, others were baying for his blood.

Thousands filed out of the ground long before the final whistle at seeing their team take a kicking.

Here are some of their tweets:

Daniel @dan429366: The fact that Poyet thinks Bridcutt is a good player says it all really. Sorry Gus, it’s time to go. #safc

Steve N @TheMightyNews: 45,756 fans at the #safc game today. Hang your heads @SunderlandAFC

Briess Caramel @zhorze: #safc should apply for voluntary relegation @FA

Gary @scoty1: They’ve only scored 4 away goals all season until today :( #safc

Bob Hudson @Bob__Hudson: People around me at Stadium of Light leaving in droves, barely 20,000 left. Can’t see Poyet surviving this debacle #SAFC

Jess Scott @jessiescottxx: Speechless #safc #headinhands

Lewis @lewisinho: I didn’t want Poyet out, I want stability but he has to go now. I thought he was the man for the job but he isn’t. #safc

Deirdre @Cakeyholey: If it’s Poyet’s fault does that mean it was Di Canio’s fault? And ONeill’s fault? And Bruce’s fault? etc etc...

Maybe it’s *something* else?

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