Fan blog: If David Moyes doesn't fancy the Sunderland job, who does?

Sunderland were thumped 5-1 by Chelsea on the final day of the season.
Sunderland were thumped 5-1 by Chelsea on the final day of the season.
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It's finally over.

One of the worst seasons in living memory, the long drawn out, slow and painful road to oblivion, has now resulted in the resignation of David Moyes.

The whole season has been an absolute train wreck.

From Sam Allardyce leaving, the lack of signings, the absence of an apparent plan, the negativity; a plague that grew, multiplied and infected the entire club, the Moyesisms, the awful attitude of the players, the 'dead legs', the 'thigh strains'... it has been an absolutely horrendous time for anyone associated with Sunderland AFC.

We've gone down before, some of our fans wearing relegations on their sleeve as badges of honour, but the manner in which we've surrendered our top flight status this season has been nothing short of scandalous.

We gathered only 14 points at home; we've won only 6 times, losing 26 matches, winning only 34 games from the last 160.

Need I go on?

Plenty of players will jump ship, most of whom we'll be glad to see the back of.

Moyes himself has now gone, his Sunderland 'hell' coming to an end.

Several newspapers have claimed he offered his resignation amid claims that Ellis Short won't release a penny of the £45m parachute payments for any player investment.

It appears Moyes' departure has been on the cards for quite some time.

If we can learn something from it, perhaps it'll have proved that all along that Moyes did not want to take a hold of this challenge by the scruff of its neck, or maybe that this was a greater job than he realised back in August?

Which raises the question, if David Moyes doesn't fancy it, who does?

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