FA Chairman slams Sunderland boss for 'distasteful' and 'regrettable' comments

Moyes has faced fierce criticism for his remarks
Moyes has faced fierce criticism for his remarks
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David Moyes has come in for heavy criticism from the Chairman of the FA following his comments to a BBC journalist.

Moyes faces potential FA action for warning a reporter that they 'might get a slap' after he was asked about Ellis Short's appearance with the 0-0 draw against Burnley last month.

The FA have written to Sunderland asking for their observations on the incident, potentially preceding a ban or a fine.

Moyes has been under intense criticism since the story broke on Sunday night and Greg Clarke has now waded into the row, calling the Sunderland manager's remarks 'distasteful' and 'regrettable'.

Clarke said: "It was regrettable, it was distasteful, and I think it showed a complete lack of respect. And we in the game stand for respect.

"I think it’s doubly bad to use such a term to a woman because there is a lot of violence against women in society and terms like that aren’t just disrespectful, I think they are bad examples.

"I regret that it happened and I’m sure that David Moyes regrets that it happened."

Sunderland backed Moyes before the 2-0 defeat to Leicester, saying that while his remarks had been 'wholly unacceptable', the BBC and the reporter having accepted his apology.

Moyes said after the game that he found the response to his remarks 'surprising', and that he appreciated the club's support.

Clarke, however, felt the remarks were part of a wider problem, Jose Mourinho also criticised for his behaviour towards a BBC journalist at the weekend.

Clarke added: "We’re getting into a trend of people treating journalists doing their jobs badly, and I would like to see that stop,

“Respect is respect for everybody. If a person wants to interview you, the least you could do is treat them with a bit of respect.

“I’ve been seeing that more and more: people storming off and being facetious and insulting. I just think, on that level, it has to stop as well.

“The disciplinary team will crack down on people who break the rules and they will decide whether the rules have been broken and what an appropriate sanction would be.

“There’s a professional woman trying to do a job – and not an easy job – and she’s asking appropriate questions in a respectful manner, and I think she deserves respectful responses – not responses like that.

"We’re an inclusive game, where everybody is welcomed, everybody is valued, everybody is respected.

“Any examples of disrespect towards people in the game sets a bad example and undermines the whole tone of what we’re trying to achieve in football.”