Ellis Short, Simon Grayson and Sunderland players under fire as fans react to Sheffield United defeat

Robbin Ruiter tips an effort over the crossbar.
Robbin Ruiter tips an effort over the crossbar.
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Sunderland's long wait for a home win goes on - and fed-up fans were quick to make their feelings known.

There were chants of 'You're not fit to wear the shirt' towards the players and 'Are you watching Ellis Short' as Sunderland limped to a 2-1 defeat to newly-promoted Sheffield United.

Jack Rodwell was booed during the second half, while Simon Grayson came under fire for his tactics and team selection.

It is now 267 days and counting since the last home win.

Here's the best of the social media reaction to the latest dismal defeat at the Stadium of Light:

Graeme Atkinson @_GraemeAtkinson tweeted: "We’ll at least win more games in League One… #SAFC"

John Meikle @guitarsmiler tweeted: "Sadly as honest & likeable as Simon Grayson is he is displaying he is completely out of his depth & frighteningly naive. #safc #shortout"

Stu Tench @tenchylad said: "Is the needle stuck on that excuse record again...they all sprouted that except for @reid6peter actually fixed the needle....#safc #trouble"

Daniel Jenks @DanielJenks89 tweeted: "It is madness for some of our fans to suggest sacking Simon Grayson. The season is only six games old for goodness sake #SAFC"

Al B @barrett31 tweeted: "People blaming Grayson? Yes he made errors yesterday but no fight from any player yesterday! Bargain basement players."

SRB @Fantanafest73 wrote: "#safc team including Catts, Kone, Ndong etc etc should be head and shoulders above teams like Sheff Utd but Champ teams have the desire FACT"

Kevin Moeliker @Kevsol tweeted: "Blame players for lack of effort, Short for lack of quality and Grayson/players for lack of shape and organisation on pitch #safc"

Steven McGarrigle added: "Whoever boo'd jack Rodwell yesterday every time he touched the ball was a disgrace. How will that help? They need our support #safc"

ND @hey_pengiuno tweeted: "#sufc pass and move 1-2s all over us today, absolute basic but effective. Players just watching them run by. Wise up #safc"

Paul Thornton Lee @ptl17 added: "#SAFC If the players care, be visible and show it before and after the game - oh and during it too."

Steve @oldheatonian added: "Not long before the youngsters on Wearside start asking their Grandads if they can remember back to olden days when #safc won games at home."

Andrea Santon @andisafc tweeted: "Today's performance really makes you question why you continue to get your season ticket? Terrible, just terrible #safc #torture"

CallumSAFC @MackemKid added: "This is NOT Grayson's fault. There are issues in this club deeper than the manager and owner. #safc"

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