Echo Jury: Tom Usher reflects on Saturday’s nightmare result against Wigan Athletic

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WHAT happened on Saturday was not a freak result or a one-off, so it can’t be swallowed any longer.

I never considered we may lose at home to Wigan, but now, with hindsight, I’ve been blinded by optimism and hope that we’d turn our season around.

If we look at 2011 as a whole, we have been absolutely shocking. Ellis Short must be aware that half-season tickets sales will be non-existent with Bruce in charge and, considering our form, which players would be interested in coming to us in January?

It started so brightly on Saturday, but even a win would only have been covering the cracks of woeful team selection and tactics (one up front against Wigan? Really Steve?).

His win percentage with Sunderland is worse than his win percentage with Wigan. How’s that for a depressing statistic and a damning indictment of his reign as manager?

Anyway, the point I’m trying to make is: Bruce out!

O’Neill and Hughes are both good managers who are available and David Moyes is a great manager who may be tempted, having taken Everton as far as they could possibly go, so we have options. Bruce has lost the fans completely, so it’s time to move on and the sooner the better.

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