Echo Jury: Tom Usher reflects on last night’s poor performance at Norwich City

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THAT was such a disappointing performance!

After the Stoke game everyone’s expectations were rightly heightened – it was the platform to base the rest of our season on, only for us to be sent crashing back to earth.

Kieran Richardson scored a very nice goal, but still won’t escape without a mention. He can’t pass! Even simple balls seem to be completely beyond him.

Steve Bruce is always refreshingly honest in post-match interviews and this was no exception – the ball was given away cheaply and we just weren’t good enough. But the point is he is the man responsible for getting them playing well enough and he’s just not doing it.

Substitutions were, in all fairness, made in decent time but were (again) confusing. Bruce put on two big strikers, a positive move on the face of it, but then took our best crosser of the ball off. It seems almost every week there is something else that has to be mentioned in relation to Steve Bruce’s decisions.

Neither Niall Quinn nor Ellis Short looked particularly happy and who can blame them?

Expect the pressure to be firmly back on Bruce and he can say it’s not warranted all he wants – the fact is, he needs to get the players performing well regularly sooner rather than later.

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