Echo Jury: Tom Usher hails a remarkable performance

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I ALWAYS had faith we could get something out of this game, however, I didn’t expect the type of performance we got from the Lads.

To a man, they were outstanding and we were unlucky not to leave with all three points and just about hand United the title. It seems our season is not just going to peter out after all, as many thought it would following last Tuesday’s disappointment. A lot of media focus after the game was on how poor City were, but (and I admit I am quite biased) really it was us who made them look ordinary.

If Bendtner played like that every week, I’d say sign him up straight away ... but if he played like that every week he could play for almost any team in Europe.

O’Neill is great at getting the best out of players and he’s doing another brilliant job, proving that with Kilgallon. Sessegnon is another class act, we all know this, so I’ll leave that there, but one other mention to be made is Jack Colback. Out of position at left-back and putting in an exceptional display, I’d leave him there even with Bridge and Richardson fit.

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